Arqwa House proposes integrated common areas to become meeting places

Arqwa House proposes integrated common areas to become meeting places

Architects: Anf Arquitectos
Location: San Andres, Lago Ranco, Chile
Year: 2015
Area: 3.767 ft²/ 350 m²
Photo courtesy: Aryeh Kornfeld

“This house is located in the area of San Andres, on the north hillside of Ranco Lake, which leads us to the first condition that we must respond to in the project: views to the south and natural light from the north, for which we propose public areas plus bedrooms overlooking the lake and living room located towards the hills of Futrono.


The site where the house is located spans from a valley of the condominium to the highest hillside overlooking the lake, thus it is located at the top, which generates its form, a resounding parallelepiped anchored on stilts over the ground.


The house, a second home, proposes integrated common areas to become meeting places, besides being able to join each other generating flexibility in their use depending on the time of year and number of people.


The materials we proposed were black Fibrocement to give it a warehouse look, and a contrast with the interior which was designed in local wood painted white, so that it was warm and noble like the floors and doors.”

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