Existing semi-detached house extension to a vivid and sunny home

Existing semi-detached house extension to a vivid and sunny home

Architects: Studio K Interior & Landscape Architects
Location: Leuven, Belgium
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: David Dumon

“An existing semi-detached house nearby the city Centre Leuven (Belgium) was extended to a vivid and sunny home for a couple with a passion for sports, travel and books.


The difference in level between the street and the garden as well as the orientation of the façade was used as a reason for architect Rob Mols to design an extension that pulls the light all the way through the house. The patio situated in de middle of the home intensifies this element of light and creates an intimate space between the gym and the living room. The expansion includes a timber construction in which columns, beams and finishing panels are left exposed.


Studio k replied to the expansions existing contrasts with a design for the interior and exterior space. The various rooms throughout the house are a variety of intimate, dark atmospheres opposite to bright, open atmospheres. To establish the link between the several areas, materials and colors where reused. The customer had a specific demand to provide plenty of space for storage purposes to exhibit books and paintings together with creating different reading and leisure areas each with their own function and atmosphere.


The library is located next to the entrance area on street level. The Wengé colored stained oak floor and dark stained oak veneer bookcases causes an intimate reading atmosphere. The large window opens onto the gently sloping roof terrace illuminating the spacious room. A green roof with ornamental grasses and flowers causes a green oasis that fades away into the underlying garden and trees. The large dining table can be used to give intimate dinners, as a workplace or to exhibit books.


Through a floating open staircase finished in a massive oak Wengé colored and a white painted frame you reach the garden level. A bright polished concrete floor extends to the outside garden and patio to enhance a continuity and coherence throughout this home. The furniture consists of vintage and new pieces that blend beautifully with the current white walls, large windows and visible wooden structure.


The kitchen can be closed off by large white sliding doors to extract the kitchen from its view. The same ambience has been created as upstairs in the library. You can alter the space into a closed or open, calm harmonious or warm intimate atmosphere. A movable cupboard unit can be used as an extra worktop or dresser. The cabinet wall in the kitchen also hides the access door to the bedroom. The gym is housed on the other side of the patio.


In the bedroom the wooden beams and ceiling are left visible. The orbicular shower creates a little intimate spa retreat. A simple freestanding white block separates the bedroom from the bathroom. The old cellars, situated behind the sleeping area, where rearranged as sauna, laundry, toilet and storage space. On the first floor are a reading corner, second bathroom and office located. A new staircase was put up to the attic to serve as a guest and movie room.”

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