Tips for a Productive Home Office

Working from home might have its challenges

For some people working from home may be something new, while others have lived this experience for ages. Everyone thinks working from home is a piece of cake, that you have time to do some other activities while you still complete your tasks successfully.

The best thing about working from home is the fact that you can have your own office and design it the way to like, according to your personal taste.

It’s true that working from home comes with its own set of challenges and you will have to pass over them in order to work effectively. If you decide to start your own business, you won’t have the necessary financial support to create the office of your dreams and you will have to adapt to your current situation.

Adapt your office to your needs and your financial situation

Everyone dreams about having a different desk, better lighting or the right mirror. We somehow tend to believe that space wouldn’t work for us until it is perfect. Waiting for the perfect working place to be settled keeps you from being productive and you should change your attitude and make the best of the space you have. Don’t let the imperfections distract you and the creativity and productivity will follow.

A laptop riser, a wireless keyboard and mouse will come in handy

You may think a laptop riser is not that useful and you can work without having one, but your neck will thank you for the acquisition. A wireless keyboard and mouse will help you work faster and let’s face it, they look better.

Get a separate monitor

Much like the laptop riser, you may resist the idea of needing an extra monitor for your desk. But once you start using an extra monitor, besides your laptop, you will realize what you had been missing. A separate monitor is the one big thing that will give you the sensation that you are actually working from home. For some people, making the TV a computer monitor is as easy as streaming your computer’s screen to an Apple TV with AirPlay.

Get a printer

When you’re working from home you need to set up your own printer. Figure out a clever way to hide it if you have this possibility. It will make space feel much more streamlined. A good idea will be to place it in a hutch and drill a hole into the back to feed the power cord out the back. It is a simple solution and it will make a huge difference because space will feel less cluttered.

Always keep your desk tidy especially when working from home

At home you may have a smaller desk than you would have at work, that’s why it’s so important to keep it organized and to not clutter it with a bunch of office supplies, candles and hand creams (a piece of advice for ladies).

Working from home and having a home office is something entirely personal. What works for one person probably won’t work for another. If you just made up your mind and you want to start your own business and work from home, the piece of advice from above will come in handy.

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