Why Use the Design-Build Method For Your Next Construction Project

Why Use the Design-Build Method For Your Next Construction Project


A design-build delivery method brings both construction and design functions together under a single agreement. From identifying any issues, pinpointing the underlying causes, and rectifying them, a design-builder is entirely responsible and accountable for delivering all the aspects of a project. Besides, they manage all contracts with other companies, including material providers, subcontractors, and equipment vendors.

With construction professionals and engineers on the same team, the design-build delivery method offers the owner with a single point of accountability. Owners or agencies can minimize their administrative burdens by dealing with a single entity, rather than managing separate contracts. Let’s explore some other benefits to this method of completing construction and renovation projects.


Features of The Design-Build Method:

Here are three distinctive characteristics of Design-Build.

  • Instantaneous communication: The approach gives you the leverage to communicate instantaneously, which speeds up the entire process, improving the project schedule.
  • Business without boundaries: There are no geographical or physical boundaries getting in the way of your timeline.
  • Producing customized products: The method enables you to quickly produce products that are custom and not your typical replications.

A design-build team usually comprises of people who have worked together before and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They can use everyone’s knowledge to make the process more streamlined and successful.


When Are Design-Build Contracts Used

The approach is preferably used when the owner or the agency has less time, and they need to ensure that the construction starts before the final design is completed. On the contrary, in the traditional approach of design-bid-build, the owner contracts separately with a designer and a builder. Moreover, the design must be completed before the owner proceeds for construction bids. Hence, combining both aspects of project delivery under a single agreement, with a unique bidding process, the design-build method can save time and, in some cases, money for the owner. Leading construction companies in Cincinnati and all over the world are using this method to execute their projects, ensuring customer satisfaction.


Benefits of Design-Build

Owner Risk: The agency or the owner has a single contract with the design-builder, and the entity holds full accountability for performance and result guarantees. The construction and design team members are contractually obligated to work together to meet constructability within the budget and available scope. The design-builder needs to complete a project with no scope to change orders within the agreed scope of work.

Professional Guides: Most of the time, design and construction get messy. However, the design-builder acts as a trusted advisor to owners during the construction process, guiding the way to the best possible outcome. From the beginning to the end, the design-build refines the process and manages the chaos into orderly steps.

Involvement of Owner: In a design-build approach, the owner or the agency has the leverage to be an active participant in the construction and design of their building. Such a process enables the owners to guarantee that their goals will be accomplished and that their wishes will be achieved as per the requirement. It gives them a lasting sense of pride in their building.

Cost-Effectiveness: Since the design-build approach enables the contractors and designers to work together throughout the process, the chances of making any changes or claims get reduced. The cost of the project is known much earlier, and change orders are limited to owner requested scope changes.

Expertise: Design-build firms have expertise in both the fields of construction and design. Apart from being licensed architects, an individual should have formal architectural training with experience in the architecture field. Moreover, they should have professional experience in construction and understand pricing and sequencing. An expert design-build firm is knowledgeable of general construction and has strong, lasting partnerships with reliable subcontractors.

A design-build method offers the advantage of working with architects who can think like builders and builders who can think like architects.


In Conclusion

Including many others, the reasons listed here justifies why the design-build delivery method works so well for new construction and major renovation projects. It offers high levels of collaboration between the design and construction team. The approach outperforms its counterparts with regards to more quality, quicker delivery, cost efficiencies, and reduced risk.

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