How to Design a Family Kitchen in Your Own Home

How to Design a Family Kitchen in Your Own Home

Whenever you switch on the television and see a typical American sitcom, you will notice time and time again how the family all seem to gather in the kitchen, not just for breakfast but also when the kids are home from school and when they engage in games and other bonding activities.

Now, unless you are particularly fortunate, you probably do not have the same amount of space in your kitchen, but this does not mean that you cannot change the core design to suit a family vibe. Here is how to design a family kitchen in your own home.

Maximize the Layout Potential

First and foremost, you may well be thinking that there is absolutely nothing you can do to change the core layout of your kitchen short of ripping everything out and starting entirely from scratch.

However, for a more family-focused eating and cooking space, the more open-plan your kitchen, the better. If you do currently have a small dining table, which is only ever used for storing the latest post and school forms, do away with it and widen the floor space.

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Multi-Purpose Flooring

Next, you need to concentrate on low-maintenance flooring options that complement the rest of the kitchen décor and design. You need something that is durable and hardwearing to withstand the high level of traffic that comes through the kitchen area.

Ideally, you should choose between ceramic tiling, bamboo, brick, concrete, or perhaps the best choice possible, natural stone flooring.

Quorn Stone is an excellent choice of flooring provider. They stock a range of stunning and aesthetically impressive flooring materials for your kitchen. Their range will also help keep the room cool, add a layer of natural beauty, and make for the best possible choice for hygiene’s sake, perfect in a kitchen!

Generous Storage is a Must

For a kitchen that will be used by the entire family, either at meal times or indeed for homework study sessions and board games in the evening, getting the choice of storage right is absolutely essential.

As a member of a busy household, you will already be all too aware of the need for as much storage as possible all over the house to avoid your home looking like a mess. In the kitchen, and especially if you have young children, storage is of optimum priority.

If you have limited cabinet space, erect open shelves holding small wicker baskets for you to organize your child-related items into different categories so they are both neat and accessible.

Obviously, make sure any electrical appliances are pushed as far back as possible and that any knives and other sharp or dangerous items are in a drawer high enough for your children not to reach.

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A Family Wall

Finally, to make the kitchen feel as if it belongs to everyone, not just the professional chef of the family, an excellent way of keeping your children’s artwork, notices from the school, appointments for your partner, and your own commitments, together is to create a family wall.

Encourage every member of the family to pin photographs they love, affix reminders for friends’ upcoming birthdays, and indeed, if you are particularly organized, you could even write down the menu for dinner for the week.

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