Apartment Refurbishment by CHI-TORCH Interior Design

Apartment Refurbishment by CHI-TORCH Interior Design

Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Year: 2014
Area: 1,948 sqft
Photo courtesy: CHI-TORCH Interior Design

It is a case about 40 year-old vintage apartment. To respect its history, CHI-TORCH deliberately made conscious efforts to retain details of time manifestation and proudly displaying building materials that many try to conceal.


The concept is blended with minimalism and industrial. CHI-TORCH specifically seeks out prefect mixture of sunshine and inner space by lowering window rails to maximize outside picturesque scene.


On the other hand, man-made and antique-chic look object is the result of CHI-TORCH’s idea whither it is a herringbone parquet flooring, naturally unfinished brick-works, lighting, gadget or furniture that are made from steel, metal or aged endemic woods of Taiwan preferably worn down or salvaged and recycled.


To sum, CHI-TORCH passionately designed and selected pieces that are as much about function as style to add historic and modern co-existing spirits to the most thoughtfully designed home.

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