La Lucia by SAOTA and ARRCC

La Lucia by SAOTA and ARRCC

Architects: SAOTA and ARRCC
Location: KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
Photos: Karl Beath

The brief required a casual family occasion shoreline house on the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. The building has been delicately intended to tenderly settle between ensured milkwood trees, in a region that has strict ecological controls. A feeling of landing is improved by a stark passageway flanked by two of the milkwood trees. The true to life display is just uncovered as one enters the twofold volume corridor. The roofs are clad with adjusted timber braces which attract the eye to the scape ahead.


The ground level can be delighted in as one nonstop space or organized into more individual and private spaces. Every one of the spaces open up either onto the confronting pool deck or to the evening sun lit greenery enclosure on the West. The four – confronting rooms are situated on the upper level and open onto private individual porches.


The East – confronting façade is “wrapped” with a progression of bronzed anodised aluminum sliding screens that casing the structure completely or partially. The screens, propelled by the milkwood trees, make the home’s mark.


The Interiors by ARRCC express effortlessness and restriction while making the home agreeable and comfortable. Sand-shaded cleaned solid floors, blanched timber, normal calfskins and dim cloths, are moored by delicate neutrals and countered with touches of charcoal, greenish blue and azure.




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