The Sea by West Chin Architects

The Sea by West Chin Architects

Architects: West Chin Architects
Location: Long Beach, New York, USA
Area: 5,500 square foot
Photo courtesy: Eric Laignel

This 60′ wide x 100′ profound corner parcel on the Atlantic Ocean is an expansion to the fabric of a group which is a city by the ocean; a completely wonderful dichotomy of nature and man.


This is the first house in the United States to utilize the ecologically cognizant fundamentally dynamic BBS wood auxiliary boards from Austria. These boards permit an insignificant floor section thickness and extensive compasses, and in the same broadness gives protection esteem. The BBS goes about as the inside and/or outside completions by and large; this was a warm adjust to the inconceivable measure of glass on the façade and the uncovered fortified warm solid divider.


The utilization of a sun oriented board on the south-bound rooftop will return vitality on the matrix amid the week, when the house is not being used. What’s more, amid the weekends it will supplement the electrical needs of this 5,500 sq ft house.


At the highest point of the inside stair one will discover the 26′ wide bi-fold carport entryway that opens up to an unhampered perspective of the sea, shorelines and skyline. Each component of this shoreline home exploits its characteristic environment.


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