The Garden House in Alicante Spain by Joaquín Alvado Bañón

The Garden House in Alicante Spain by Joaquín Alvado Bañón

Architects: Joaquín Alvado Bañón
Location: Alicante, Spain
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: David Frutos

The ground floor possesses the whole plot. The vertical components of the structure converge with the tree trunks. Glass isolates the inside from the outside, limestone clearing entering and taking off. A dubious relationship is set up between what is occurring inside and outside, between the edges. Brilliant floor warming makes this configuration condition agreeable.

011The outline sets up the normal/counterfeit relationship at each level. The house’s circulation slides to level 0 while the patio nursery trips to the upper stories. The point of this condition was that the mix of construction modeling and scene ought to be available in each circle of the venture. Stroll on earth and clammy grass at each level of the house, take in its Mediterranean nature.

01Three eras in one spot prompted proposing three life alternatives. The ground floor is a mutual domain yet the upper stories, dismantled by their passageways, permit more security. The thought sprang from seeing three approaches to live in the same surroundings, three items identified with a solitary setting. Private and open are an abode’s piece brief and as being what is indicated are incorporated as a working condition.

013The stairs to the upper floors isolate the incorporated volumes with particular projects. Basically, on account of seismic tremor hazard, three free structures must be planned. They are balanced out by the slanting sections that take the vegetation to the upper floors. The staircases are free structures and a few flights are just open to those possessing specific rooms.

014The assembled and plant components join into a structure of related sections. Genuine articles and their pictures produce mixes that increase, enriching the task with this state of illusion. The reflex coating utilized on distinctive planes of F brings the vegetation and the sky into the façades. Since the mirror-coated components are sliding and the climate transforms, they make the venture a live and element thing.

01708_01The inclining planes present components of the brief that build up bonds between the general population nature of the ground floor and the private way of the upper floors. The slope entering the carport and those that raise the vegetation to the upper floors are open zones inside of the private circles of the building. Places for experiences, meeting spots. We had pictures of somebody climbing a tree to be on his or her own, of lodges in the wood or tree houses.


The outline work comprised of discovering the connections between the breaking points of the occupied environment. Procedure was energizing on the grounds that new disclosures were made step by step. The plot is a void and a totality, a scene and nothing, a volume and a plane. The outcome is an idea in the middle of volume and scene with the town as a scenery.

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