Ixtapa House by FR-EE

Ixtapa House by FR-EE – Fernando Romero Enterprise

Architects: FR-EE – Fernando Romero Enterprise

Location: Ixtapa, Guerrero, Mexico

Size: 1350 sqm


We planned a weekend living arrangement situated on a private shoreline on the Pacific Ocean. It was assembled as a spot where a major family could invest days at the shoreline in a secured cover that would permit them to think about the exceptional site while keeping up total protection.


The conventional typology of Mexican shoreline houses is organized by various wooden segments that convey a high palapa rooftop. This permits the breeze to go through, expanding ventilation in the hot and muggy atmosphere. As in the conventional sort, the living-region of this shoreline house is an outdoors space shaded by the rooftop.


Then again, since the customer needed a more shut and personal space, the sections were supplanted by two natural volumes that discourage the immediate perspective from inland.


The lounge room has a nonstop geometry, connecting it to the swimming pool. This space is totally open to sees. Here the established tripartite structure of “floor-divider roof” is disintegrated into a solitary motion that grasps the space.


This is a natural staying, ageless and formless, additionally practical; with few points of interest or corners. It is ideal for a considerable length of time. The guests’ closeness is never yielded, notwithstanding when it is totally possessed. The delicate, fluid structures incorporate normally into the rural tropical environment where the house is sited.

free_ixtapa_house05 free_ixtapa_house06 free_ixtapa_house07 free_ixtapa_house10 free_ixtapa_house11 free_ixtapa_house12Photos courtesy of the architect.

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