Heritage Treasure Chest Residence by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Heritage Treasure Chest Residence by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Architects: Luigi Rosselli Architects
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Justin Alexander

Opening up a Federation Queen Anne legacy listed living house is the fantasy of numerous home owners on Sydney’s North Shore.


The northern suburbs areas on the Sydney harbourside, from North Sydney to Mosman were quickly developed in the initial two decades of the 1900s, thanks ti the new ship administrations and extension of public transport links.


This house had every one of the qualities an affluent family would covet: turrets, substantial rooms, galleries and a liberal greenery enclosure, yet it was thoughtful and dim. By adding a wide shielded veranda to the back of the house, the kitchen and breakfast room can be opened up to the greenery enclosure. The veranda can open totally to permit the mortgage holders to venture out onto the garden or to the pool zone, bringing the outside inside and the other way around. Assurance from the hot western sun can likewise be given by shutting the wooden screens or tilting the sharp edges.


While the front of the house is embellished by the first timber overhangs, delicate and appealing spaces, however from time to time utilized, the family incline toward the back of the house, in the recently reevaluated veranda: unraveling the boards, facilitating the louvered rooftop, sliding open the enormous glass entryways, going unshod and taking in the patio nursery aromas.


The first Federation Queen Anne setting of the old house is a fortune trove of compositions, models and books. Cutting edge workmanship flourishes in the legacy loaded spaces.

Heritage-Treasure-Chest-Residence-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-05 Heritage-Treasure-Chest-Residence-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-06 Heritage-Treasure-Chest-Residence-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-07 Heritage-Treasure-Chest-Residence-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-08 Heritage-Treasure-Chest-Residence-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-09 Heritage-Treasure-Chest-Residence-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-10 Heritage-Treasure-Chest-Residence-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-11 Heritage-Treasure-Chest-Residence-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-12 Heritage-Treasure-Chest-Residence-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-13 Heritage-Treasure-Chest-Residence-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-14 Heritage-Treasure-Chest-Residence-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-15 Heritage-Treasure-Chest-Residence-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-16 Heritage-Treasure-Chest-Residence-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-17 Heritage-Treasure-Chest-Residence-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-18 Heritage-Treasure-Chest-Residence-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-19 Heritage-Treasure-Chest-Residence-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-20

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