Allandale House by William O’Brien Jr

Allandale House by William O’Brien Jr.

Architects: William O’Brien Jr.

Location: Mountain West, USA

Year: 2010

Photo courtesy: Peter Guthrie


Allandale House is an A-frame(s) house for a peculiar epicurean and her crew. Alongside its inhabitants, the Allandale House additionally gives space to an erratic gathering of antiques that oppose clear arrangement. Wines, uncommon books, stuffed winged animals and an elk mount are among the relics in plain view in this little excursion house.

Allandale EXT 03aThe house joins three level expulsions of “inclining,” or unbalanced A-casings. The thin A-casing on the western side contains the library, wine basement and carport. The wide An edge in the focal point of the house is devoted to two stories of rooms and bathrooms. The medium An edge on the eastern side comprises of living, kitchen and feasting zones. The house means to undermine the augmenting so as to appear impediments of a triangular area and uncovering the great extent in the vertical bearing, and using the intensely calculated corners meeting the floor as minutes for thickened dividers, telescopic gaps and implicit stockpiling.

Allandale EXT 04

The relationship between the requirement for uncovered stockpiling and the inside liner of the house is a proportional one. Apparently tricky head-tallness restrictions postured by the calculated roof/divider planes are determined by permitting the inside surface of the roof/divider to go amiss from the rooftop surface as it nears the floor plane to end up plumb. The thickness made between the external rooftop surface and the inward divider surface is then recovered as poche from which to cut, making bookshelves and showcases. Perceptually, the aspiration is to tuck the pieces in plain view inside of the inferred surface of the inside liner, empowering the things to be seen, while giving the conceivable origination of the space as a straightforward volume.

Allandale EXT 05a

A scope of conceivable setups were tried. Variables included: (1) the relative introduction of contiguous tube portions, (2) the seriousness of revolution between sections, (3) the three’s arrangement distinctive sound widths, and (4) the peak’s area of the triangle with respect to its base. Given the site highlights—steeply inclined with a clearing in the north easterly heading—the tube builds up a parallel relationship to the site’s forms and situates the living zone toward the clearing. The consideration of a second floor is just conceivable in the most stretched out An edge expulsion. Along these lines, the craving to concentrate the rooms’ area positions the wide An edge expulsion second in the grouping. Ultimately, in coupled with the geometric standards connected with the seriousness of revolution, the variable area of the summit goes about as the formal smoothing operators between tube fragments permitting the rooftop planes to overlap along single ms.

Allandale EXT 08a

Allandale EXT 09 Allandale EXT 10 Allandale EXT01a Allandale INT A Allandale INT B Allandale INT C2 Allandale INT Ca Allandale INT Eb Allandale INT Ga Allandale INT Ha Allandale INT I Allandale INT J Allandale INT K Allandale INT L Allandale INT Na

2009_02_08_Variables_Diagram 2009_02_10_Long_Section 2009_02_10_Peel_Diagram 2009_02_10_Site_Plan 2009_02_20_Plans

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