51 Degrees Thermal Resort by Marc-Michaels Interior Design Inc.

51 Degrees Thermal Resort designed and developed by Marc-Michaels Interior Design Inc.

Architects: Marc-Michaels Interior Design Inc.
Location: Leukerbad, Switzerland
Year: 2011
Photos: 51 Degrees & Marc-Michaels Interior Design Inc.

51 Degrees is included extravagance living arrangements and a 6-star boutique lodging in the town of Leukerbad, Switzerland. As a result of its ideal atmosphere and plenteous daylight, alongside its exceptional mineral waters, Leukerbad has been the site of warm showers since Roman times.


The resort structures of 51 Degrees are composed as a progression of between associated 5-story wings: two lodging 53 apartment suites and the others lodging a 72-key boutique inn and a 20,000-square-foot extravagance spa on the lower level. Notwithstanding the lodging eatery, the resort incorporates a semi-confined structure for an eatery to be worked by a mark culinary expert. The visitor quarters are sorted out along a solitary stacked hall confronting the back of the site, permitting perspectives toward the focal court and swimming pools inside of the resort and the Alps past. The structures are clad in neighborhood stone with timber specifying normal for the area, making a destination that extraordinarily suits its shocking characteristic and constructed setting.


In Switzerland’s Valais area, encompassed by some of Europe’s most pictorial mountains, there is a mystery to be found. A large number of minutes meet up to make oddity all in all. For when there is decision, you have extravagance. Be that as it may, when each decision is made to be something more, you have 51° Spa Residences.


The simplicity of advancement mixes with the miracle of nature, unwinding is acquainted with exciting statures, and the surprising gets to be standard. Our vision for 51° has been to make a resort destination dissimilar to some other – the very meaning of unpredictably created living in the 21st century.


51° joins limitless comforts of advanced living with Swiss charm; it is the place customs of Roman, Russian and Swiss bathhouses are incorporated into ordinary life, as well as are coordinated into homes. It is the place the benchmark is set for spearheading wellbeing and health opportunities, as Leukerbad’s most unprecedented resource – its warm mineral mountain water – is conveyed unadulterated to our resort and select living arrangements.


51° Spa Residences is true yet rich, exemplary yet current, catching when a minute of tranquility joins with unforeseen experience. We welcome you to enjoy your faculties, and feel every degree.

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