House Duk by Nico van der Meulen Architects

House Duk by Nico van der Meulen Architects

Architects: Werner van der Meulen of Nico van der Meulen Architects
Location: Meyersdal Eco Estate, Johannesburg, South Africa
Residence size: 674 m²
Photos: Barend Roberts and David Ross

The customers brief was for a roomy home that communicated its gratefulness for outside living. An open arrangement and useful house that lived out onto the patio nursery was of most extreme significance to them. Hence the outline formed into a design that empowered such a way of life.

Duk 01With perspectives to the greenery enclosure from each room, and substantial living zones that mlessly streamed out onto the secured porch, this home consolidations the limits in the middle of inside and outside.

Duk 02

Nimbly situated inside of a secured nature hold that bears you the benefit of welcoming the solace of open air living, this specific home was roused by its own particular setting. Characteristic materials were deliberately chosen and deliberately put all through the home serving as delicate indications of the peaceful area this house winds up in. The choice of materials helped with guaranteeing the house mixes in watchfully with its regular surroundings while natural hues bind together the site with the home. Sprinkles of shading were utilized to liven the inside spaces with accentuation given to compositions and decorations.

Duk 03

The idea consolidated the thought of drifting components which brought about unmistakable elements that recognize this house as a Nico van der Meulen artful culmination. The idea is clear and apparent from the minute you land as your consideration is attracted to skimming planes floating above you, as though suspended in mid air. Upon closer assessment these planes seem, by all accounts, to be the primary rooftop structure which at initially appeared to be even more an enlivening component as opposed to a practical necessity. It is this very rule in outline that makes excellent and reasonable houses which get to be engineering masterpieces.

Duk 04

Traveling through the house and getting a look of the skimming staircase, you are attracted by the straightforwardness and openness of this home. Escorted thoughtfully through the living spaces into the patio nursery, you are by and by acquainted with what is by all accounts a gliding square floating in mid air which truth be told is the primary room. The idea of gliding components was obvious from each viewpoint and vantage point ensuring this home constantly enthralled your consideration.

Duk 05

The site has a southern passage which was great in that it considered the whole northern façade where all the family rooms are situated to open up onto a private north-bound greenhouse. The site inclining upwards towards the north additionally brought about the patio nursery being ventured and terraced with gabion dividers making intrigue even in the finishing.

Duk 06

Having a greenery enclosure that is on an alternate level can frequently represent the issue of a separation between the secured yard and the pool/garden territory. It was of most extreme significance to guarantee that the house garden still related and cooperated as one space as opposed to two disengaged zones. This was accomplished by leveling the pool zone and terracing the upper parts of the greenery enclosure.

Duk 07

The best a portion of this outline is the way the passageway tempts your interest with long stone cladded screen dividers and once inside, the straightforwardness and openness of this home lies behind these strong passageway dividers makes fascinating contrast.

Duk 08 Duk 09 Duk 10 Duk 11 Duk 12 Duk 13 Duk 14 Duk 15 Duk 16House-Duk-Meyersdal-17 House-Duk-Meyersdal-18 House-Duk-Meyersdal-19 House-Duk-Meyersdal-20 House-Duk-Meyersdal-21 House-Duk-Meyersdal-22 House-Duk-Meyersdal-23 House-Duk-Meyersdal-24

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