Carla Ridge Residence by McClean Design

Carla Ridge Residence by McClean Design

Architects: McClean Design
Location: Trousdale, Beverly Hills, California, USA
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: McClean Design

Situated in the Trousdale neighborhood of Beverly Hills where all proposed work must occur without irritating existing inclines, the test for this configuration is to discover approaches to make light for the lower level.


Here we have made a light well which isolates the drive court from the house itself and takes into account a passage over a water highlight that falls over glass to the chamber underneath.


Finished with glass on four sides this permits light to the stimulation territories, rec center and optional rooms leaving more space upstairs for the back yard and swimming pool.


The upper level contains the expert and two extra rooms, lounge room, family, eating and kitchen.

Carla-Ridge-04 Carla-Ridge-05 Carla-Ridge-06 Carla-Ridge-07 Carla-Ridge-08 Carla-Ridge-09 Carla-Ridge-10 Carla-Ridge-11 Carla-Ridge-12 Carla-Ridge-13 Carla-Ridge-14 Carla-Ridge-15 Carla-Ridge-16 Carla-Ridge-17 Carla-Ridge-18 Carla-Ridge-19 Carla-Ridge-20 Carla-Ridge-21 Carla-Ridge-22 Carla-Ridge-23 Carla-Ridge-24 Carla-Ridge-25 Carla-Ridge-26 Carla-Ridge-27 Carla-Ridge-28

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