Child-Friendly Interior Design Considerations When Starting A Family

Child-Friendly Interior Design Considerations When Starting A Family

If you are expecting your first child, you already know the stress that comes with second-guessing the safety of everything in your home. Where safety is the primary concern, there is also the challenge of keeping things stylish while still child friendly.

You may have to put that bespoke glass top coffee table in storage or replace your gorgeous water feature with a wall-mounted fountain like the ones you can find on That doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful things, though.

The trick is to carefully rethink your decor to cultivate an aesthetic utilizing safer and more convenient solutions. There are innumerable options to suit your tastes; hence in this guide, we offer advice on the most important things to consider when making child friendly decor decisions.


Stain-Resistant Materials

Any parent will understand the joke about always loving your children, but not necessarily still like them! There exists this unique frustration when your little bundle of joy smilingly introduces you to their latest artistic masterpiece by the medium of your costly living room couch.

Even the best-behaved tots will make a mess at least once a day, you can count on it. You don’t want to suppress their play or have restrictions on which rooms they can explore. It’s clear then why if only for your mental wellbeing, you should opt for stain resistance and Scotch Guarding.

This applies equally to walls. Durable and easy to clean paints will make your life a lot easier. While you are at it, consider painting a section of wall in the kitchen or living room with blackboard paint. The beauty is it now comes in many colours, so you needn’t make a jarring eyesore of it.


Prevention Over Cure

The old adage rings true when it comes to making child-friendly alterations to your home. We aren’t speaking about the obvious, like chemicals and medications. Those go without saying. What we are referring to is elevating anything fragile or a potential hazard.

When done with care, wall mounted shelving can solve a lot of your problems. As a means to raise a glass lamp, photo frames and just about anything else, the right materials and shelving design will complement any aesthetic you can think of, from minimalist to bohemian.

This principle applies to home entertainment systems as well. A wall-mounted TV can’t be knocked over, and those wall mounted shelves we mentioned will safeguard your sound system from little chocolate-covered hands.


Rethink Your Floors

You may have been weighing the pros and cons of having your floors tiled. This one is a definite must; tile everything. Heck, tile your tiles if you like. The main concern new parents have when it comes to tiles is the risk of slipping.

There are non-slip tiles in just about every finish you can think of even if you can’t find a non-slip flooring, as you can have any tiles coated for extra traction. With your home tiled you can always add rugs to bring warmth to the area.


Happiness First

In closing, the best advice for new parents is to decorate your home in such a way that you don’t need to fuss too much. An environment open to play and exploration is incredibly vital for your child’s development, and there should be as few restrictions on this as possible.

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