The 4 Benefits Of Having A Smart Home Security System

The 4 Benefits Of Having A Smart Home Security System


The biggest reason to have a smart security system is obviously to keep your home safe from intruders. You don’t need to read an article to tell you that.

There are far more reasons to have your home connected with a smart system that goes beyond the obvious, however. There are a lot of benefits to having a smart home security system that you may not even be aware of.

In this article, I will go over several of the benefits from using security companies that will help you in many other areas.


1 – Adds value to your home 

People shopping for homes will love to find one that they love that also has a smart security system already installed.

It doesn’t matter what neighborhood that your house is in, it pays to have a security system for peace of mind. When it is a smart system and can be monitored from a laptop or smartphone, then it makes it even better. This is very attractive to a potential buyer.

Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home, adding value is always a good idea. And, it can save you money on your home insurance.


2 – Surveillance cameras 

Porch pirates are the bane of every person who buys off of the internet. Which is basically everybody these days.

When a package is sitting there all day, it is like an open invitation to a thief to grab your long awaited order for themselves. However, when you can see that an order has been delivered to your home because you have a camera that starts when there is movement, you can take measures to get it before the thief.

If you have a trusted neighbor, or are near enough to your home that you can get there moments after the delivery then you can make sure the package is put in the house.

Now, if you aren’t able to do this, then you can see if a thief does steal your package and can have the evidence the police need to track them down.


3 – Save money

The most obvious money savings will be on your home insurance. When you add a smart system, your insurance company will feel like you’re less likely to be a liability and are taking precautions to avoid being robbed in the first place.

In addition to this, many smart systems include options that go beyond security. For instance, some also have the ability to automatically close your drapes when it is very sunny. This can keep your house cool which will keep your cooling costs down when you aren’t home.

You can also use it to connect to the HVAC so it can go on automatically on its own or that you can turn it on if you are on your way home to have it heated or cooled when you arrive.


4 – Don’t get locked out again

 One of the nice things about having a smart system is that you no longer have to worry about losing a key or locking yourself out of the house again. All you need is the password for your lock, or a smartphone to open it up.

You’ll also never need to change your locks again, either. If you have reason to think somebody has your house key, then you would normally have to change the locks Now you only need to change the password.

I mentioned the porch pirates earlier. If you have Amazon delivering a package, you can open the door remotely with your app and let them in to leave the package.

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