Calm and modern interior with the interesting details and décor for a young family

Calm and modern interior with the interesting details and décor for a young family

Architects: Geometrium
Location: Balashiha, Moscow, Russia
Year: 2016
Area: 710 ft²/ 66 m²
Photo courtesy: Geometrium

“This apartment in Balashiha, region of Moscow-city with total area 66 square meter projected for the young family. The client main wish was to create a calm and modern interior with the interesting details and décor. That it wasn’t become boring with the times and it was easy to change some décor and transform the interior in a new way.

Apartment space must being comfortable and free enough, must combine the naturally materials and bright colors. We choose the modern Scandinavian style with warm tones. We use the neutral color scheme with the accent of yellow and blue. This apartment we divided into the 8 zones: Entrance hall, living room, kitchen, bedroom, cabinet, bathroom, toilet, dressing room.

Entrance hall

In the hall we have placed a cupboard, in which are stored bikes, stand, where you can sit down and take off our shoes + clean shoes, hang jackets and coats. The doors to the bathroom hidden to create the effect of a flat wall with a mirror. The hall has also the hidden closet, which the washing machine and dryer.

Living room

From the entrance-hall we enter the living room. The idea of separating the living room and kitchen was in the septum, which is the center of the TV area, from which also kitchen door have sliding. The big plus of that apartments are panoramic windows. It gives a lot of light to the rooms. In the design of the windows, we used neutral drapery with natural shades.


The idea of ​​the kitchen was to combine the kitchen and living room. At the same time we try to close the kitchen with septums to keep it separate isolated area. We used white color in kitchen facade to expand the space. This facade was not so smooth, to get away from minimalism and austerity.

Dining area consists of a wooden table with metal legs. A combination of the slightly rough wood with smooth surfaces creates a contrast of materials and gives to the interior a little bit of cosiness. “Eames” — the popular models of kitchen chairs we have not used in any of our project. Their design was developed about 50 years ago and is still relevant today.


In the bedroom, we used the same colors as in the entire apartment. The blue color calms, so it is here more than yellow. Move the floor material into the wall, we increase the space in the width. Direction of the board helps us to stretches the space of bedroom. The result is a combination of vertical and horizontal lines in the interior.

Wood, white color, black lights with thin metal legs repeated design of the apartments and combining these spaces of apartment into one single style and sense. Opposite the bed is a wardrobe that is built-in to a niche. Due to this, it’s perceived as a wall with the storage system. It helps us to free some space.


Cabinet is designed for a young man who will live in the apartment. The work takes place on a stationary computer. In design, we made the room it that way, which helps us in the future to convert this space into a children’s room. We used the same color scheme. In the corner are also located built-in cupboards, because there’s no need to pull up the room with the free-standing objects.

Bathroom and toilet

In the bathroom and in the toilet we used tiles of a similar collection. In the background — a neutral gray-beige tile, and as an accent — tiles with ornament.
The combination of wood and white is repeating colors throughout the all apartment, which combines all the rooms visually.”

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