Gabriela House by TACO taller de arquitectura contextual

Gabriela House by TACO taller de arquitectura contextual

Architects: TACO taller de arquitectura contextual
Location: Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
Year: 2015
Area: 915 sqft / 85 sqm
Photo courtesy: Leo Espinosa

Gabriela House is a solitary family house situated in a region during the time spent urban improvement of the city of Merida, Mexico. The point was to furnish the client with a peaceful yet advantageous shelter, which had security contemplations, warm solace and vitality effectiveness, and minimal effort of development and upkeep.


The house is concealed from the road. Alongside the dividers of the bordering properties, it creates a little square, which was composed as an open space with the objective of delivering an utilization to people in general road, an element of conventional Yucatan structural engineering adding to neighborhood wellbeing.


This is the space before access to the house, which is complemented by a water highlight framed by a region of natural components that fills in as a control for mosquitoes and gives oxygen by common intends to another territory that is open for recreational use. This component is seen from every social territory of the house, with unique association with the passageway lobby.


The engineering system considers a social zone where the kitchen and the lounge area unite; a middle of the road administrations zone where the restroom and clothing storeroom are found; lastly a room. Both the social zone and the room have back semi-open air porches which are seen as augmentations of the rooms. From the social porch one can achieve the back greenhouse and an open housetop yard.


The atmosphere of the area permits numerous openings to be shut just with mosquito net, permitting a consistent common ventilation. Twofold statures have openings that permit the clearing of hot air, accomplishing an agreeable inside temperature without utilizing manufactured means.


The building framework is the most widely recognized in the zone, made of solid squares, bars and pieces. These are showed in the lower side of the chunks covering the twofold statures. Low roofs are thermally protected with polystyrene boards. Vibro-compacted solid grids shield the inside of the house from daylight, downpour, vandalism and sea tempests.


Design completions are uncovered. The floors are concrete, just like the pre-cast set up plates with which the altered furniture was gathered. All dividers and low roofs have a waterproof bond based stucco. The proposed vegetation is for the most part endemic. Notable types of the neighborhood society, which draw in other wild fowls, lastly organic product trees, vegetables and herbs for human utilization were considered.


Shading is available on the limits at the front and back access, and also utilitarian furniture and home frill. They were browsed an extent found in specialty components of nearby culture, and additionally their capacity to dialog with the distinctive shades of sprouts in the greenery enclosures.

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