Moondance luxury apartment block in Dorset, England by David James Architects & Associates Ltd

Moondance luxury apartment block in Dorset, England by David James Architects & Associates Ltd

Architects: David James Architects & Associates Ltd
Location: Dorset, England
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Double Exposure

“This uniquely designed apartment block in Dorset, England, consists of three luxury apartments, designed by David James Architects for Towncourt Homes. Each apartment has stunning panoramic views of Poole Harbour and Brownsea Island, and the design embraces all available natural light while maximizing views across the water.


The design brief was to create a distinctive residential living experience within an apartment block. Internally the apartments were to feel like individual bespoke houses while the external fabric of the building was specifically designed to represent a large house rather a traditional apartment block.


Extensive use of glazing embraces the stunning location bringing the exterior into the rooms; with the expanse of sea becoming part of the whole living experience. Terraces facilitate the outdoor experience and oversized sliding glass doors open to provide flow between the interior and exterior spaces


In the penthouse, feature frameless glass walls are utilized internally, linking the double height space over the dining room to the master bedroom and study. This facilitates views through the double height space towards the harbour beyond. Each apartment has three double bedrooms each with an ensuite, with the master bedroom benefitting from a bespoke dressing room.


The apartments feature intelligent lighting, audio / visual and thermostatic control. Photovoltaic panels reduce energy costs, this combined with high thermal performance, and excellent insulation, provides a comfortable, economical living environment.


Moondance provides a bespoke, luxury environment, expertly designed for modern living in this beautiful unique location.


Moondance has recently been shortlisted for the ‘Residential Architecture £5million plus’ category in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2016.”

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