Sofa Removal Tips When Building Your New Home

Sofa Removal Tips When Building Your New Home

Building a new home is a journey that can be overwhelming. If you have finished building your dream home, failure to stay organized will make your move-in day nerve-racking. Though you may opt to engage companies dedicated to offering professional move-in services, you have the ultimate ideas of how you would like your new home to be furnished. In the same breath, sofas are undoubtedly crucial in decorating and improving the luxury and comfort of your new home. People spend most of their time at home sitting than standing making them one of the important things to consider as you move in. This post will help you with some sofa removal tips.


Sofa Removal Tips

With most undesired furniture, you can use your car to transport them to the preferred disposal place easily. This is however, not the case where huge furniture items are involved. Removing bulky and old sofas can be painstaking unless you intend to use services of movers like that can handle bulk . Be that as it may, there comes a time when such furniture must go. Below are some guiding tips that will enable you to make decisions regarding sofa removals confidently.

  1. Taking Inventory

Before you move into your new home, it is imperative to take stock of the quality of your sofas. Thereafter, depending on their condition, you can decide which sofas will move to your new home and those that will be disposed of, donated or sold.

  1. Donating Used Sofas

If you want to get rid of your sofas that are in good condition, one of the options you may consider is donation to a local charity or giving it to a friend who may need it. Better still, there are some charity organisations that organise the collection of old furniture as explained at Metropolitan Transfer Station. This is more convenient instead of letting them sit in your garage and create clutter.

  1. Selling Used Sofas

Another way of getting rid of sofas that are in good condition is by putting them up for sale. You can upload them on online platforms as a second hand or sell them to friends. This is a great option as time enables you to raise funds that can help you transport the other furniture to your new home.

  1. Dismantling Worn Out Sofas

If the sofas are worn out and cannot be reused, you can break them down into smaller pieces to throw them away with ease. It is important to go through the basic removal instructions before taking them apart. Here is how you can dismantle your sofa.

  • Take out the cushions and put them aside.
  • Remove the legs by unscrewing them
  • Use staple removers or screwdrivers to remove the sofa upholstery until the arms of the sofas are exposed.
  • Then you can remove the arms and the other parts by removing the bolts and screws attached to them.
  • Once the sofa has been dismantled, it is now ready to be thrown out as trash.
  1. Contact Companies Offering Furniture Disposal Services

When selling or donating are not viable options and you do not want to dismantle it yourself, you can engage companies’ expert services that will do the heavy lifting for you. The companies take care of everything and so you will only have to focus on how your selected sofas will move into your new home. Though there are costs involved, the companies will help you remove the unwanted sofas fast and easy.

There are a lot of things to consider when building and moving into a new home. Having ample space and using only the furniture you require can be a huge step in making you feel your new home’s comfort. As you move in, you should ensure you have carefully removed all the unwanted sofas. Be it donating, selling or dismantling and disposing of; all the options will go a long way in improving your move-in experience. Engaging a furniture disposal service provider will make your transition seamless. Additionally, you need a well established removal plan. A checklist  will help you create a plan.

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