Contemporary and stunning house in Cannes, the French Riviera

Contemporary and stunning house in Cannes, the French Riviera

Architect: Denis Bodino – DRC STUDIO
Decorator-designer: Christine Bodino
Location: Cannes, France
Year: 2016
Area: 8.945 ft²/ 831 m²
Photo courtesy: Olivier Amsellem

This contemporary home designed by Denis Bodino is modeled after a California-style villa. Its pure and simple lines are highlighted by the glass and polished stainless steel, which contrast with rough-hewn natural building materials such as stone, wood and Corten steel.


The property is perched above the city of Cannes, in an exclusive setting with a panoramic view over the surrounding area. The entire project is made-to-measure (architecture, interior, garden and furnishings) making it a unique, one-of-its-kind offer.


The villa is designed to fit in seamlessly with all the principal exterior elements, like its spectacular view and the greenery of the beautifully landscaped grounds, enhanced by Denis Bodino’s mineral sculptures.


The property itself was conceived as if to define the transition between a sophisticated, contemporary form of architecture and a fragile and precious Mediterranean environment.


Denis Bodino decided to treat the fixtures and fittings of this private residence in harmony with the guiding principles used in the architecture of the building itself : that is to say, spacious and streamlined volumes, underscored by the types of surface materials he so values, like wood, stone and metal.


The architect called upon Christine Bodino to plan the home’s interior design: the result of this collaboration between brother and sister is an elegant and perfectly calculated interior.


The team chose to create tailor-made furnishings, signed by Denis Bodino, for its main rooms, which appeared to them to be an eminently logical decision.


The overall ambiance of this exceptional project in Cannes reflects the paradox that exists between the festive atmosphere created by its vast outdoor areas and the large volumes of the living space, and the indisputable sense of serenity that reigns over the property.”

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