House M in Wilmersdorf, Berlin by Peter Ruge Architekten

House M in Wilmersdorf, Berlin by Peter Ruge Architekten

Architects: Peter Ruge Architekten
Location: Wilmersdorf, Berlin, Germany
Year: 2015
Area: 3,488 sqft / 324 sqm
Photo courtesy: Ira Efremova

House M is a disengaged town house amidst Berlin for a scholastic Japanese-German gang. The rectangular site extends 15 m along the street in the west and stretches out 40 m toward the east. The building is incorporated into the current connection of urban manors by its road view as wooden façade.


With their living encounters on three mainlands, the customers accentuated the requirement for three principle thoughts for their home.


To improve the regular light and aerates and cools, the building is orientated toward the south and pushed toward the northern site line. The 7 x 18 story plate gathers however much daylight and sun vitality as could reasonably be expected in winter and is ensured by a powerful louver framework in summer. The focal point of the house is the kitchen, which interfaces the eating region with a void to the upper floors, which contain the kids rooms on the second floor, and the living and visitor ranges on first floor.


The partition of passages between the principle and the indirect access, the joy of taking off shoes when getting back home, the half indented feasting territory as the area for family get-together, the greenery enclosure floor shower neglecting the greenhouse with a cherry tree, and the patio yard of larch wood somewhat secured by the opening of the house blend here with the German idea and strategy of a profoundly vitality proficient and maintainable building.

House-M-in-Wilmersdorf,-Berlin-by-Peter-Ruge-Architekten-04 House-M-in-Wilmersdorf,-Berlin-by-Peter-Ruge-Architekten-05 House-M-in-Wilmersdorf,-Berlin-by-Peter-Ruge-Architekten-06 House-M-in-Wilmersdorf,-Berlin-by-Peter-Ruge-Architekten-07 House-M-in-Wilmersdorf,-Berlin-by-Peter-Ruge-Architekten-08 House-M-in-Wilmersdorf,-Berlin-by-Peter-Ruge-Architekten-09 House-M-in-Wilmersdorf,-Berlin-by-Peter-Ruge-Architekten-10 House-M-in-Wilmersdorf,-Berlin-by-Peter-Ruge-Architekten-11 House-M-in-Wilmersdorf,-Berlin-by-Peter-Ruge-Architekten-12 House-M-in-Wilmersdorf,-Berlin-by-Peter-Ruge-Architekten-13 House-M-in-Wilmersdorf,-Berlin-by-Peter-Ruge-Architekten-14 House-M-in-Wilmersdorf,-Berlin-by-Peter-Ruge-Architekten-15 House-M-in-Wilmersdorf,-Berlin-by-Peter-Ruge-Architekten-16

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