Eclectic skyline apartment in Kiev by Sergey Makhno

Eclectic skyline apartment in Kiev by Sergey Makhno

Architects: Sergey Makhno
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: Andrey Avdeenko

“The interior history reminds of a melodrama. Eclecticism is sensual and emotional, based on the contrast transitions from white to black. Entering a living room, you realize the apartment is for a big family. A large table sprawled near the window. Hosts will have sunny breakfasts and gradient sunsets reflecting in its glass tabletop. Wooden chairs «Nub» by Andreu World complement the light atmosphere because of unique tracery backs.


Once Karman rethought the concept of a classic bra. They decided it looked good not only near the wall. We told people the same story in own interior – 5 white chandeliers fell asleep in the air above the table.


The floral “Moooi” is more like a museum exhibit, not a chandelier. It became a central element of the living room, perfectly matching with the decorative plaster walls. Sofas harmonize because of the Italian marble table made according to our sketches. The grey walls create a smooth colour transition from a dark kitchen facade. The eye magnet is a light apron made of the Spanish mosaic.


Due to the cutting-edge technique Bang & Olufsen classics meets innovation. The apartment is filled with the controversial and harmonious eclectic spirit at the same time. Walls imitate the classic boiserie. The faded ash on the floor is a part of the author’s concept. We appreciate the roughness and imperfections – things reflecting the Wabi Sabi philosophy.


The vintage lamps Delightfull, their abstract forms endow sleeping rooms with the taste of Art Deco. The combination of the modern minimalism and the classicism impregnated with a history became the basis of black and white bathroom. The walls were divided into two with a strong horizontal line of dark grey plaster. The lower part is occupied by Metropolitan, which harmonizes with fittings, door and the ceiling.”

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