Overlook One story Guest House by Schwartz and Architecture

Overlook One story Guest House by Schwartz and Architecture

Architects: Schwartz and Architecture
Location: Los Gatos, California, USA
Year: 2015
Area: 775 ft²/ 72 m²
Photo courtesy: Matthew Millman

Regardless of a to a great degree steep, verging on undevelopable, lush site, the Overlook Guest House deliberately makes another completely open indoor/outside abiding unit that permits a maturing relative to stay close by and at home.


Outlining a completely available new home for a versatility disabled maturing in-law on a precarious and lush slope site requires a very proficient and site touchy foot shaped impression, effectively both signs of good manageable configuration.


This 2-room, 775 sq ft home utilizes a low-affect bored wharf establishment framework to roost the structure carefully on this lofty site; adjusting cut and fill while expanding sees and an extensive feel.


With a significant part of the little inside spaces being designated to openness and development, it turns into a configuration basic to catch outside space as a feature of the practical bit of the home.


A consistent move in the middle of inside and outside environment is intensified by a solitary floor section and overhead plane that unite the private wing and the restricting carport of the home. The subsequent secured region expands the usable floor region utilizing at least building assets.


An unmistakable rooftop oculus inside of this secured “yard” space accommodates a dynamic inside/outside space specifically neighbouring indoor living space and advances a cooling wind current through the regularly cruel miniaturized scale atmosphere of the site.

Overlook-One-story-Guest-House-by-Schwartz-and-Architecture-06 Overlook-One-story-Guest-House-by-Schwartz-and-Architecture-07 Overlook-One-story-Guest-House-by-Schwartz-and-Architecture-08 Overlook-One-story-Guest-House-by-Schwartz-and-Architecture-09 Overlook-One-story-Guest-House-by-Schwartz-and-Architecture-10 Overlook-One-story-Guest-House-by-Schwartz-and-Architecture-11 Overlook-One-story-Guest-House-by-Schwartz-and-Architecture-12

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