Merrydown Townhouse in Dorset, United Kingdom by McLaren Excell

Merrydown Townhouse in Dorset, United Kingdom by McLaren Excell

Architects: McLaren Excell
Location: DorsetUnited Kingdom
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: McLaren Excell

The house was initially the nearby Victorian young ladies school and recently a solitary story home that had been lived in by the same proprietor since the 1970s (the customers mother). The first format was practically devout: one vast room with a solitary hallway o it with cell-such as rooms and bathrooms to the other side.


Our brief was to strip the building uncovered and create a plan which conveyed three things: • An expansion in the sq/m of the house:
• An all the more intriguing arrangement of spaces, exploiting the building form
• Accommodation more than two stories


The last plan brought about three rooms, two bathrooms, one loo, an open arrangement living space and an extra Study/TV Room which is a littler and more close space o the twofold stature kitchen. The main floor rooms and lavatory were not there some time recently. We could fit two stories into the current utilizing so as to build envelope space which had been beforehand overlooked. The first ground floor was sitting over a one meter void, and the first roof had been suspended from the rooftop joists by a significant separation. By asserting back these undiscovered voids, and with a liberal existing roof tallness of three meters, we could convey two stories without supporting the border dividers or expanding the stature of the rooftop structure.


We knew from at an opportune time that part of the building would have two stories (the room end), and part would be twofold tallness (the living end). The key inquiry was: in what manner will these two finishes identify with each other?


The open arrangement front room sits underneath a room at first floor level and has a low roof tallness accordingly. It was critical that the room above was totally suspended from the rooftop structure to keep any supporting dividers or segments from bargaining the lounge. This was accomplished by hiding the room structure wherever conceivable and, where this was unrealistic, it was masked by utilizing painted steel segments that were undefined from the current timber rooftop structure. The outcome is a misleadingly basic ” gliding’ room that appears to make no sense and loans a brilliant feeling of dramatization to the twofold stature kitchen.


The house was never implied for everyday living and is expected to be utilized for occasions, weekends and short occasion rentals. The building is in the wide open and on a short break individuals normally have a tendency to gather in one central space – so it was imperative that the kitchen and lounge were entwined and shaped the primary room of the house.


The central living space is just about chapel such as in scale and course of action, so fitting an unadulterated and limited choice of materials. Birch plywood, solid, wood fleece and metal are utilized through-out, and reused wood/solid pieces make a basic spine divider which shapes the stairwell to the rooms above and gives a setting to the more close living region. The materials utilized are straightforward, hard wearing and low in expense. They have all been left in their normal state – ‘as discovered’ – and, together with the satisfying rhythms of the first building, join to make a plan of calculated effortlessness and spatial immaculateness. We planned all the joinery and everything is bespoke and hand made privately.

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