Erg 6 low-rise Apartment Building near the seaside by Arhitekty Birojs MG Architekti

Erg 6 low-rise Apartment Building near the seaside by Arhitekty Birojs MG Architekti

Architects: Arhitekty Birojs MG Architekti
Location: Jurmala, Latvia
Year: 2014
Area: 46,113 ft²/ 4,284 m²
Photo courtesy: Jānis Piņķis

The low-ascent flat building is situated in a standout amongst the most wonderful coastline urban communities of Latvia – Jurmala. It is situated in a social and authentic region, between the ridge zone and the fundamental road, just 200 meters far from the ocean. Initially this range was possessed by a previous two-story wooden sanatorium building which as a part of this task was overviewed, measured, and reproduced.


The task was begun in 2012 with the mean to safeguard the current building, which speaks to the one of a kind wooden engineering of Jurmala, and to demonstrate another structure for the building, which would supplement as well as resuscitate its current recorded qualities. At the point when beginning to take a shot at the undertaking the choice was made to add to the building volume as a united productive arrangement, while as yet restoring, approximating and planning the veneers to look as their verifiable unique.


In the process the idea of the undertaking grew normally. It depends on the correlation of a granddad (the chronicled constructing) and a grandson (the new building volume). While they are comparable and get along well, they are isolated by time: the grandson is cutting edge and up and coming, while the granddad treasures recollections and everything that has happened in the past periods. The fundamental thought behind the undertaking is in its three story structure, where the chronicled building’s structure and convergence of subtle elements differentiates the self-denial of the new building. In the meantime both building structures are produced utilizing comparable strategies, which can be found in the veneers: the new building volume emulates the rooftop incline of the notable building, wooden boards are utilized as the principle material for the exteriors, and both building structures are physically and outwardly partitioned by coated chamber in the building section.


The building volume is as a horseshoe, as an aftereffect of which it furnishes its occupants with an all around kept up and dazzling internal yard. A stopping, specialized and additionally utility rooms are situated in the cellar. In the overground floors – condo, which are associated with open and roomy staircase. All condo, which are situated in the new building volume, has porch or overhang. On the building rooftop there is a broad open porch which gives the perspective to the ocean, as well as to the stream close-by.


The veneers of the building are produced using three materials – glass, stainless steel and wood. The wood is utilized for gallery, porch furthermore the rooftop developments. The exterior is made utilizing thermowood board covering, while glass and stainless steel seems just in the points of interest of the veneer.


From inside the both distinctive building volumes are associated with a staircase and a corridor. Subsequently people in general space inside is a mix of new materials in memorable structures and in this manner accomplishes one of a kind arrangements that adjust the expressive of both building volumes.


With regards to shading, general society space is in light tones, which brings more sunlight inside the building and make simple and nice sentiment for the inhabitants. By compositional arranging, the open and roomy staircase is an open space, as well as one of the courses for crisis escape, which agrees to the particular standards and regulations. Thus, the inside of the building is made utilizing just flame resistant materials.


Despite the fact that amid the planning and development procedure of the building various challenges must be overcome and new specialized arrangements must be discovered, it doesn’t influence the presence of the building’s outside. The austere and in this manner outwardly simple to see veneer, and the harmony between the noteworthy and contemporary shapes and subtle elements not just guarantee that the building fits in the earth, however that it likewise supplements the trademark engineering of Jurmala.

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