The Extend House by Landmak Architecture

The Extend House by Landmak Architecture

Architects: Landmak Architecture
Location: Nam Thăng Long, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Le Anh Duc

In Vietnam, late years, the house worked ahead of time in new urban regions is prominent. Despite the fact that these urban ranges are regularly situated at excellent position, the venture proprietors don’t frequently enough examine the necessities and living propensities for Vietnamese when building hundreds estates. They are for the most part influenced by the French engineering style which makes the purchasers frequently recreate the space inside house.


Ciputra is a case. One contrast from the neighbor’s home is that it is associated from two SemiD. Wall isolating two SemiDs is evacuated, two greenery enclosure spaces interfaces together. We manufacture an unclosed shade close to the street and join two SemiDs with an extension made of steel structure and straightforward glass behind the house. That arrangement make the two SemiDs turn into a ceaseless piece but amplify favorable position of the perspective to fairway behind. We needed to recreate the house turn into a blend of compositional components: space for family, space for visitors, space for occasions and all must be agreeable as a smaller than normal Resort.


The inside spaces are totally changed. In piece An, a lift is utilized to make the vertical development more agreeable and advantageous. In square B, step is moved to other area, joins with the void keeping in mind the end goal to take light for the spaces close to the neighbor’s home.


Engineers makes an examination and change the design subtle elements in the Vietnamese conventional houses and also the primary purpose of Buddhism (Vajrayana organization) to make:
– The tropical atmosphere in general society spaces, for example, family room, room, home working space, spa, and so forth.


– Buddhism checked space
– Meditation space
– The yard to meet companions with “screen” which is half open – half close
– alternate points of interest and segment dividers with wooden shafts or regular stone made in the Vietnamese customary towns, for instance, Dong Ky town – Bac Ninh, Ninh Khanh stone town – Ninh Binh, Van Phuc silk town – Hanoi.


At last all combine, in the middle of nearby and contemporary, religion and day by day life, protection and group, the old and the new, the inside and outside, close and open. What’s more, the latter is the quiet air when host gets back home in the wake of leaving energizing life outside.

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