Old farm converted into modern Project B by Juma Architects

Old farm converted into modern Project B by Juma Architects

Architects: Juma Architects
Location: Belgium
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: JUMA Architects

For the intensive remodel of an old homestead, JUMA designers set out looking for the ideal harmony in the middle of old and new. In its past state, the house – which did have a comfortable vibe – was totally deficient as far as roominess, light and vision.


To cure this, the new outline got ready for a gigantic window opening in the back height that would make a perspective on the excellent greenery enclosure and in the meantime attract a lot of common light. The new joinery unmistakably separates itself from the current window openings using a dark, basic system, taking out all conceivable disarray about which parts are genuine, and which are most certainly not.


The current mezzanine and the entrance to the wine basement were likewise destroyed to make a vast open-space kitchen with an eye-getting island completed in common stone. The customary stove fits consummately with the farmhouse style and motivated us to execute the whole worktop in support cordial stainless steel. A rack, additionally executed in regular stone and fitted with circuitous track lighting, is set over the stove. The cupboard fronts completed in oak finish give the kitchen a warm air.


The space that used to house the kitchen was made into a little work area range, which additionally serves as a casual second passageway, for the most part utilized by the gang. The old kitchen space now additionally houses a cool storeroom.


Beside the lounge area is the completely remodeled staircase. An uncommon level molded stockpiling wardrobe keeps running along the stairway. Its tallness takes after the stream of the stairs and expands each 3 stages. Here as well, it was the yearning to keep the space as open as would be prudent that enlivened the outline of this stairway/storage room. Yet there was likewise a down to earth reason. The open character of the staircase makes it conceivable to just and effectively move bigger bits of furniture to the upper floor.


The sitting region further elements an extensive divider storeroom, in which books and individual things can be shown. These little knickknacks transform the house into a genuine home.


The important components, for example, the great chimney, were held. The old overwhelming bars were sandblasted to complement their character while whatever is left of the wooden roof was painted white to differentiate the new dull finished solid floor (with underfloor warming). Together, the intentional and unequivocally lined-out configuration and the unpretentious employments of hues and materials transform the house into a significantly more peaceful space, and draw out the colossal appeal of the chimney.


Given the numerous wooden roof shafts, the decision of light installations was fairly restricted. For the kitchen island JUMA picked a fine suspension track light that throws sufficient light on the ledge. The customer had particular wishes as to the light over the eating table. It must be extremely adaptable and adjust to the quantity of visitors and the table course of action. JUMA planners selected a mix of three lights that can either be hung together in a lovely entire or be pulled separated to enlighten a bigger range in the case of a gathering. Regarding general lighting, JUMA decided on cautious white directional spotlights.

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