258 Square Foot Modern Winter Shelter in Bjelašnica by FO4A Architecture

258 Square Foot Modern Winter Shelter in Bjelašnica by FO4A Architecture

Architects: FO4A Architecture
Location: Bjelašnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Year: 2014
Area: 258 ft²/ 24 m²
Photo courtesy: FO4A Architecture

The primary thought of the venture was to plan an article with least measurements serving as both safe house from winter icy, ski cabin or weekend retreat. Given area to this item is on mountain Bjelašnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina close capital Sarajevo. Speculator’s solicitation was to outline two indistinguishable articles that would be set close ski resort with wonderful perspective of the mountain.


This basic wood encircled structure is really proliferation of a standout amongst the most valued old Bosnian towns, Lukomir town, “last Bosnian town” in the genuine feeling of the word. Taking after the soul of this spot, 3 most illustrative thought processes of configuration were taken from its photographs, in particular photograph of old ladies, old house structure and “stecak” (stone tomb from Bosnian medieval times).


Character and encompassing of sanctuary were reflected from the photograph of old Lukomir ladies, emergence was picked upon the photograph of old structure while headstone managed its structure.


On the ground floor territory, little parlor with kitchen, working zone and chimney is given. A major glass gateway speaks to a connection in the middle of inside and outside in the same time taking into consideration tremendous measure of sunlight to go to the inside. Keeping in mind the end goal to accommodate unlimited inside mien and closeness, latrine zone is intended to be outside the item. Resting zone is come to by step as vertical correspondence of the item. On this level, there is a bed, storage room and view box.


Normal material were utilized both as a part of development and all other item components. Structural idea is immaculate and straightforward, concentrated on the moderate outline and insignificant speculation.

258-Square-Foot-Modern-Winter-Shelter-in-Bjelašnica-by-FO4A-Architecture-05 258-Square-Foot-Modern-Winter-Shelter-in-Bjelašnica-by-FO4A-Architecture-06 258-Square-Foot-Modern-Winter-Shelter-in-Bjelašnica-by-FO4A-Architecture-07 258-Square-Foot-Modern-Winter-Shelter-in-Bjelašnica-by-FO4A-Architecture-08 258-Square-Foot-Modern-Winter-Shelter-in-Bjelašnica-by-FO4A-Architecture-09 258-Square-Foot-Modern-Winter-Shelter-in-Bjelašnica-by-FO4A-Architecture-10 258-Square-Foot-Modern-Winter-Shelter-in-Bjelašnica-by-FO4A-Architecture-12 258-Square-Foot-Modern-Winter-Shelter-in-Bjelašnica-by-FO4A-Architecture-13

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