JE House by Humberto Hermeto Arquitetura

JE House by Humberto Hermeto Arquitetura

Architects: Humberto Hermeto Arquitetura
Location: Vale dos Cristais, Nova Lima, MG, Brazil
Year: 2009
Area: 13,300 square foot
Photos: Jomar Bragança

In an unpredictable territory with 3,160 sqm, we expected to fuse two uses: The first, a major home, with five suites, liberal living and relaxation spaces, notwithstanding the administration conditions. The second, a huge exhibition for the proprietor, a craftsmanship devotee.


The state of the site, at first look a confounding element for its unpredictable structure, guided the task. In the current vertical hole (10 meters altogether), the first activity: distinctive uses in diverse levels.


In the lower level, the display, the stereotomic volume. With the requirement for an aerated and cooled shut space, the volume emerges from the beginning a major shake, a major stage. At the top level, the living arrangement, the tectonic volume. Furthermore, the second activity: to get the a large portion of the current perspectives, the home is appropriated under a consistent rooftop (81 meters), constituted by a fortified solid colonnade.


This porch sets the living arrangement’s assembled volume. Also, the living arrangement is dispersed under the rooftop, agreeing the needs of every space: access, amusement region, kitchen, front room, rooms.


The current perspectives control the different openings: from each room one sees the mountains. The principle passageway is checked by a void toward the start of the porch. From that point, distinctive occupations under the spread make the encased territories (sauna, kitchen and rooms) and the opened ones (patios). These opened spaces are stretched out over the exhibition scope through an expansive deck, a pool and garden ranges.


Correspondence between the different levels of the home is made by a focal center that contains a lift. It join straightforwardly the first level of the exhibition to the home level. In a middle of the road level, it interfaces the administration and carport floor (and the mezzanine of the display).

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