Blinds Or Curtains? Identifying The Best Option For You

Blinds Or Curtains? Identifying The Best Option For You


Compared to the rest of the world, Australian homeowners in particular spend increasing amounts of time and money on home improvements in pursuit of maximising their family’s personal comfort. In fact, the main reason home ownership is so coveted by Australians is simply because we love tailoring our homes to suit our personal needs. But tailoring our homes doesn’t have to be as complicated as undergoing renovations. Even minute superficial changes like furniture placement, and outdoor blinds over drapes can make a huge difference to the flow of your home. Read on if you’d like to know how what to consider when choosing your perfect window coverings.


Natural light availability

With the changing of the seasons, the natural light availability of your home is also subject to change, and so your best path of action when it comes to ensuring that your home has adequate natural lighting year-round is to source versatile window coverings. Modern blinds come in an array of different styles and sizes, but generally the one consistently positive quality of blinds is their uncanny ability to evenly filter natural light into the home, or even block all light entirely. If you have a lot of indoor plants, you probably already know how important consistent light distribution is when it comes to keeping your plant babies alive and thriving. In fact, particular plants like maidenhairs and other ferns, need incredibly specific light conditions to perform at their best. This balanced dispersal of natural light is only possible through the even distribution and uniform movements of blind slats, making blinds the unequivocally perfect option when it comes to concise light control.



The main differences between curtains, blinds and other window coverings include both their methods of controlling light, as well as their general physical makes. Whilst curtains and drapes hang vertically and must be pulled apart or pushed together, shades and blinds can have more sophisticated designs, and can potentially be automated for total ease of use. It’s important that you consider the level of functionality you’re looking to attain through your window coverings. For instance, would you want your window coverings to be operated by a cord or a handle, or is total automation an attractive feature to you?

Alongside the physical functionality of your window coverings, it’s also worthwhile considering what kind of upkeep you’d be comfortable with. Whilst curtains and drapes can be swapped out, they’re also generally trickier to clean and keep tidy, as they can be prone to crumpling or even tearing. Blinds are simplistic but are also quite low maintenance in comparison.


Styled to suit your home

There are a myriad of different types of blinds and other modern window coverings out there. It’s always worth considering how your chosen window coverings will complement your home’s existing interior style. And we’re talking about more than just colour schemes here! For instance, if your home boasts a modern minimalist aesthetic, patterned curtains are most likely not going to be a good mesh. On the same note, monochromatic eggshell blinds would look intensely out of place in a bohemian-style interior. Classic thick wooden venetian blinds, however, would suit both these interior environments, as their simplistic design and naturalistic feel are complementary to both of these very different styles. If your personal style comes with very specific needs, it’s worthwhile looking into custom made window coverings and exploring window coverings that exist outside of the mainstream, like contemporary-style panel blinds or pleated shades, two designs that are growing increasingly popular specifically due to their unique appearance.


Deciding between blinds, curtains, shades, and the like can be an incredibly rewarding process if you take the time to fully assess which option works best for you and your family. And if you’re able to unanimously agree on any specific make of window coverings, then chances are high you’ve found the coverings that are right for you!

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