Simple Ways To Enhance Your Curbside Appeal

Simple Ways To Enhance Your Curbside Appeal


Whether you’re interested in selling your home or simply boosting its aesthetics for personal satisfaction, curbside appeal counts. Your home’s curb appeal is the first impression someone has of your home. If your curbside is bare, unkempt or even worse, littered, chances are potential buyers aren’t going to have much confidence in what your home can offer them. This is why it is so important for homeowners to actively put effort into enhancing curbside appeal. In today’s article, we have a look at some simple and inexpensive methods that a homeowner can use to enhance curbside appeal. Read on to find out more!


1. Focus On Your Front Door

Curbside appeal starts at your front door. If your front door is old, coming off its hinges or simply just doesn’t look very inviting, it just may be time for you to replace it. Because every visitor has full view of your front door, it is important that it looks great. You can choose options such as varnishing, painting or simply replacing your door with one that is new and fitted with great hardware. Another door to focus on is your garage door. Since garage doors are rather large, they also tend to be a main focus for curbside appeal. Whether it is purchasing a set of sectional garage doors or simply washing your existing door and splashing on a new coat of paint, enhancing the front doors in your home is a quick and easy way to enhance your curbside appeal.


2. Take Out The Trash

All too often, homeowners treat their curbside as a second rubbish bin. Over the years, lots of junk such as old vehicles, rusty lawn furniture, dead bushes and unruly garden hoses accumulate and tarnish the look of your front yard. If you want to enhance your curbside appeal, it’s time to take out the trash. Get rid of any items that are an eyesore – if anything is broken, unnecessary or simply just taking up space, it’s time to get rid of it. While you’re at it, find out of sight areas where you can place your recycling and garbage bins so that they don’t get in the way of your curbside aesthetic.


3. Take Care of Your Lawn


Because lawns tend to be large and the main center of attention, it is important that you take care of your lawn and have it looking as green and healthy as possible. It is important to take time to rake, mow and manicure your lawn. Get rid of unsightly weeds and keep your lawn well watered and fertilised. If you live in an area where drought is a problem, you can always consider drought-tolerant landscaping. Do keep in mind that this is a costly option, so taking good care of your existing lawn and keeping it looking fresh is the much preferred option to enhance your curbside appeal.


4. Flora and Fauna


One of the easiest ways to make your curbside look 100 times more appealing is to introduce some beautiful flora and fauna into the mix. Shrubs are a fantastic option for year round greenery, whilst seasonal flowers add a touch of vibrancy. If your home’s foundation is visible, a great option that will make it look better is to plant flowers such as rhododendrons, azaleas and hydrangeas that have big flat leaves which will camouflage your home’s foundation.


5. Front Door Decor


Front door decor doesn’t have to be limited to the holiday season. In fact, there are many stores that sell year round floral wreaths that will add a touch of elegance to your front door. When looking for wreaths, we recommend choosing ones that are made with dried florals and greens. If you’re not someone with a green thumb, wreaths made out of faux plants are also a fantastic options. Those who love a bit of arts and craft could also make a DIY wreath. Regardless of your choice, choose a wreath that is simple, elegant and that adds a touch of beauty all year round.


6. Let There Be Light!


Last but not least, never neglect landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is a simple and effective way of enhancing your curbside appeal. Not only does lighting make a huge impact on how your home looks, it also provides safety and security for guests that are entering and leaving your home after dark. There are many options for landscape lighting available, ranging from accent lighting, solar fixtures or even light that illuminates your walking path. Lighting is a great way of adding a touch of magic to your curbside appeal later in the day.


With a little creativity and effort, your curbside will be the latest talk of the town. We hope that this article has equipped you with some easy, effective and inexpensive ideas when it comes to enhancing your curbside appeal.


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