Dominion Apartment by Geometrix Design

Dominion Apartment by Geometrix Design

Architects: Geometrix Design
Location: Moscow, Russia
Photo courtesy: Kamachkin Aleksandr

We had to work with a very challenging open space that needed to be wisely dealt with.


The main customer’s desire (“no bare walls for further finishing”) was the basic source of inspiration for us. On the one hand, this allowed us putting a number of designer’s ideas into practice; on the other hand, we had to expertly balance combinations of materials, colors and textures, because any overbalance could play a mean trick on us.


This is how an attractive textured wall made of natural rock with customized sawing of elements took its place; the walls in the lobby and the living room were coated with alcantra panels; and the whole kitchen, including the cupboards fronts, was decorated with natural slate. Soft lighting flatters this kind of a kitchen and accentuates the texture of the rock.


However, it is the home theater that is the key emphasis in this interior. It’s not only a functional item necessary in a living room, but also a perfect art object. It’s geometric design, made according to our architects’ designs, arrests sights and astonishes with its functionality. In this context, the aesthetics of the idea doesn’t interfere with the purpose of function: the volume is not only an architectural technique, but also contains a huge storage system, each facet being a cabinet door hiding shelves and drawers.


In the bedroom, the geometry theme continues: the doors of the cabinets and the dresser are made under our architects’ designs. On the walls, there are panels made of cream nut solid wood, joining inclined to each other.


One of the most picturesque rooms is the children’s room: at one of the walls, there is a comfortable niche for reading surrounded by a storage system with openable doors. The light boxes are replaceable and the pictures can be changed depending on the age or favors of the child; now there is a Star Wars motif.

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