Wentworth House by MHN Design Union

Wentworth House by MHN Design Union

Architects: MHN Design Union
Location: Vaucluse, Sydney, Australia
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Richard Glover

This project is a new house in Vaucluse on a steep heavily wooded site overlooking the harbour. The client has three young children so extensive accommodation was provided spread over five levels.


The architectural idea was to create a series of solid horizontal planes extending into the landscape with these elements contrasted by a vertical infill of dark timber boarding or glazing.


The overall effect is a clear distinction between the man made horizontal planes of the house with the vertical eucalypt tree trunks.

Wentworth-House-03 Wentworth-House-04 Wentworth-House-05 Wentworth-House-06 Wentworth-House-07 Wentworth-House-08 Wentworth-House-09 Wentworth-House-10

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