Makeover Tips: How to Create a Dining Room You Use Everyday

Makeover Tips: How to Create a Dining Room You Use Everyday


The dining room is a part of our home where we share family meals, meet our friends for dinner parties, or work on homework with our children. Its importance can never really be undermined. However, sometimes we can become tired of the look of our dining room or the fact that we do not use this space year-round. If that is the case, then a cozy, vibrant-looking, and aesthetical dining room makeover can help you alter the mood of your family and get you sincere compliments from friends and guests. To help you out, here is a compilation of fantastic transformation ideas to inspire you for your makeover project.


Modernize your dining room furniture

Traditional style dining room furniture can look heavy and gloomy, and make a dining room look monotonous and boring. So, if you want to make your dining room feel fresh and stylish, the most obvious thing you can do is to modernize your dining room furniture (and the whole space for that matter). If you are ready for the investment, swap your old dining table and chairs (especially if they are damaged) with a new, more up-to-date version. Our favorite suggestion-explore mid-century modern!

The designs` natural lines and pure forms are all about form meeting function, which is the exact thing you need if you want to create a dining room you will use every day. Let’s take it as an example, the Mies Brno chairs. They are a modern furniture classic, with a steel frame in a single piece bent into a C-shape, with taut seat and back upholstered in leather. These chairs can be perfectly combined with both wooden or glass tables, preferably with skinny steel legs to complement the chair’s elegant style.

For those who think that the mid-century modern style is way too modern and clean, opt for a farmhouse style dining room with a modern twist. Choose a neutral palette to make the room appear fresh and open. Give wood dominance, and use natural fibers, such as cotton, sisal, rattan, wicker, and natural stone.

Importantly, before you decide on your dining room furniture (and consequently the design style), take some time to consider two crucial questions. First, what is the size of your dining room/area, and second, whether you will be using it just for dining or if it will be a multi-purpose room?


Design an accent wall in your dining room

Adding ambiance with an accent wall to your dining room is the perfect way to set the mood to match the design style of your choice. More importantly, an accent wall is a great way to reflect the lifestyle of your family, giving this area a touch of personality.

Enrich the vibe in your dining room by putting wallpapers. Whether you are looking for a graphic or floral pattern, modern mural, or an abstract print, this decorating idea will change the way you feel about your dining area.

If you want to achieve a more elegant decor in your dining room, than creating an accent wall with a large mirror or many small ones is an excellent idea. When it comes to making a statement with it, our advice is to opt for an extra-large one.

Create a gallery art wall by hanging different art pieces. That will give your dining room a real interest, depth, and an adequately decorated feel. Or create a gallery wall with family photos and items that mean a lot to your family. Put your favorite photographs, your kid’s drawings, or postcards from favorite vacations. Unleash your creativity!

The possibilities are practically endless. Naturally, you still have to keep it stylish, but believe us, an accent wall will make you want to spend more time in your dining room.

Makeover Tips: How to Create a Dining Room You Use Everyday

Build a green paradise

Creating a fresh atmosphere in your dining room by putting some (or a lot of) indoor plants near the table is a great new way to make a budget makeover to your dining room. Decorating with houseplants in the dining room is the same as decorating with plants in any other room in your house. So, the only thing to keep in mind is that they need to be close to available light and growing space. Choose begonias, philodendron, snake plant, or cactus and succulents. The green plants look very refreshing when paired with dusky wooden furniture, but also when paired with classic and elegant white one. The newly created environment in the dining room will rejuvenate your mind, leaving you feeling happy and relaxed.


Install Beautiful Light Fixtures

Another smart way to create the perfect homey dining room is by installing the right (and beautiful) light fixtures. Apart from their primary function in lighting the space, lighting fixtures are a great way to decorate this area and add coziness and intimacy. You can opt for a pendant, chandelier, or ceiling lighting. Interior designers suggest that dining areas with chandelier lights can look elegant or luxurious. However, keep in mind that when you hang your lighting, the light fixture must be placed center over the dining table. When it comes to the heigh, it needs to be high enough so it won’t block the view and low enough to illuminate the space adequately.

How to Create a Dining Room You Use Everyday

Create a multi-purpose dining area

If your dining area is large or your dining room is gathering dust, perhaps it is time to turn it into a multi-function space that you will actually use. Here are a few ideas on how to do that.

Add a library- If you have an open area dining room, install shelves around the perimeter of it. The bookshelves will add another dimension to the dining room that goes beyond aesthetics and can conveniently separate your dining area from the rest of the house. When you don’t use it for dinner parties, you can spread out books, office work, and your laptop, and get the inspiring home office you deserve.

Make a coffee corner– If you are a coffee lover, you do not need a lot of convincing to implement this idea. Place a coffee stand and a couple of small, café style tables and lounge chairs in the dining room’s available part. If possible, place the setting close to a window so you can enjoy the sunlight while sipping your morning coffee and reading your favorite book.

Use the space for schoolwork or as a playroom- One of the most natural ways to put your formal dining room to use 365 days of the year is by using it as a place for schoolwork or play. Instead of picking up toys from your living room or writing homework with your kids on the coffee table, transfer all these activities on your dining table. Furthermore, decorate the area in a way that is appealing both as a schoolroom and a dining room. Yes, that is possible.

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