Modern renovation of Webster House in Lincoln Park by Hufft Projects

Modern renovation of Webster House in Lincoln Park by Hufft Projects

Architects: Hufft Projects
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Year: 2015
Area: 5,100 sqft / 474 sqm
Photo courtesy: Mike Sinclair

The Webster House is situated in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. A current remodel of a memorable two-story brownstone, our configuration praises the association in the middle of old and new. The home revolves around a complicated steel staircase. It separates the living and lounge area, sifting light through its slim vertical structure and permitting perspectives over the whole ground level. In the kitchen, inlet lights, quartz ledges and polished white casework bob light around the space. Clean lines and brilliant completions are rehashed all through the home’s inside.


The back deck sits on an one-story block carport. With stairs and layered risers for seating and plantings, it’s an inventive utilization of space in a tight urban environment Natural light hits each room in the house. We got it each way we could, through the sky facing window over the stair, a “bay window seat” in the kitchen, existing storefont windows, and the memorable punched openings.This utilization of light, consolidated with painstakingly chose completions and creative utilization of urban space, give the Webster House its interesting personality. It’s a cutting edge living arrangement consistently incorporated into the fabric of a noteworthy neighborhood.

Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-02 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-03 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-04Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-05 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-06 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-07 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-08 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-09 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-10 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-11 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-12 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-13 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-14 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-15 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-16 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-17 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-18 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-19 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-20 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-21 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-22 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-23 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-24 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-25 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-26 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-27 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-28 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-29 Modern-renovation-of-Webster-House-in-Lincoln-Park-by-Hufft-Projects-30

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