Jardins Apartment in São Paulo by Tavares Duayer

Jardins Apartment in São Paulo by Tavares Duayer

Architects: Tavares Duayer
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: MCA Estudio

The undertaking organized the reclamation and protection of the first components in this run of the mill loft paulistano of the 40’s. The windows were held and restored, the stripped dividers uncover the first building framework. The solid, unique brickwork, hardwood floor in addtion to the enhancement items and furniture, advance urban and modern climate. A few dividers were uprooted to extend the inward spaces.

Jardins-Apartment-in-São-Paulo-by-Tavares-Duayer-01 Jardins-Apartment-in-São-Paulo-by-Tavares-Duayer-02 Jardins-Apartment-in-São-Paulo-by-Tavares-Duayer-03 Jardins-Apartment-in-São-Paulo-by-Tavares-Duayer-04 Jardins-Apartment-in-São-Paulo-by-Tavares-Duayer-05 Jardins-Apartment-in-São-Paulo-by-Tavares-Duayer-06 Jardins-Apartment-in-São-Paulo-by-Tavares-Duayer-07 Jardins-Apartment-in-São-Paulo-by-Tavares-Duayer-08 Jardins-Apartment-in-São-Paulo-by-Tavares-Duayer-09 Jardins-Apartment-in-São-Paulo-by-Tavares-Duayer-10 Jardins-Apartment-in-São-Paulo-by-Tavares-Duayer-11

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