8 Creative Ways to Add More Space In Your Home

8 Creative Ways to Add More Space In Your Home

There are several reasons why you’d need to create additional space within your home. For example, maybe there are new members in the family, or you have to adapt to a work-from-home environment. Whatever your reason, we’re here to help. Here are eight creative ways to add more space in your home and around it.

1. Metal Building Systems

Sometimes you wish you had more liveable square footage in your home. The good news is now it’s possible! Metal building systems are the perfect way to add additional storage, a garage, warehouse space, or an additional dwelling unit.

Some people even build entire houses known as barndominiums through modernized metal building systems.

2. Use More Mirrors

The brain believes what the eye can see. Mirrors are a great way to play a trick on the mind to make a room feel bigger than it is. Position them to reflect the natural light from a window to create a brighter and more fulfilling space.

3. Build Storage Going Up

Everyone needs a little extra storage for the items they simply cannot donate. For example, Christmas decorations, your book collection, or even your winter clothes all need a smart place to go.

Instead of piling things up in totes in the garage, build creative storage along the top of the room.

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4. Limit Your Wall Decor

One of the hottest home decorating trends is the use of sustainable artwork. A shocking statistic from Pinterest stated that nearly 39% of search results were around “ocean trash art,” a unique type of art made out of trash to build awareness about what goes into the waters of the world.

But it’s easy to end up with too many wall decor items. Try to limit how much you have going on to not make the room feel like it’s closing in on you or your guests.

5. Keep Counters Clear of Clutter

From the influx of mail and old catalogs to dirty dishes piling up next to the sink, our counter space has become a literal junk drawer.

Rather than keeping your clutter out in the open, spend a little time each night before bed clearing off the counters. This includes the bathrooms, too. Have a designated place to keep all of your toiletries neatly tucked away.

6. Multipurpose Ottomans

One thing I love about ottomans is that they offer comfort, style, and storage. These are helpful tools to keep extra blankets or kids’ toys off the floor and out of sight.

No one will ever know what you have hidden away and will only see it as a comfortable place to prop their feet while lounging on the couch.

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7. Get Creative With Lighting

The obvious way to make a space feel larger is to add more light. But it’s all about where you place the light within the room.

Spread the light throughout the room and use lights in the high corners of the ceiling. Statement lamps are also a great way to use their large light to amplify the brightness in the room.

8. Keep Furniture To a Minimum

Bulky furniture might be great for storage, but it’s certainly not a great way to utilize it. For a more modern look without overwhelming the room, use minimum thinner or even floating furniture.

Floating bed frames or floating shelves offer a great way to make the room feel like it’s breathing while still offering ample room for storage.


It doesn’t take a lot to find ways to make a room feel bigger. Of course, sometimes, to create more space, you have to build out more space.

Whether you need to adjust the furniture, declutter your countertops, or build out a garage on your property, there are always surprising ways to create more space in your home and make the most out of your square footage.

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