Why are Metal Homes Becoming More Popular?

Why are Metal Homes Becoming More Popular? 

Why would this be so? Is metal worthy of the hype as a building material? And what might be next for this development? Keep reading to find out why are metal homes becoming more popular. 

The Benefits of Metal Houses

Among the reasons you might want to live in a metal home are the following six:

  • Affordability

For starters, metal homes tend to be more affordable than wooden designs. There are several reasons, including the fact that metal materials are easy to recycle and simple to produce, plus that you save on labor costs when working with metal. If you’re looking to save some dollars on your next home purchase, going with metal could be the best option. We’re currently in a major lumber shortage, so the price difference is even more pronounced.

  • Durability

 In many ways, metal is more durable and structurally secure than wood or other building materials. It can corrode, especially if it’s not cared for properly, but metal will hold up to the elements and provide significant protection for the rest of the house. It’s also not combustible, which lessens the risk of a house fire, and it’s much more resistant to termites and other pests.

  • Customizability

Metal homes don’t come in a single shape or size. Instead, they’re available in various styles, structures, and layouts. Any floor plan you can imagine can probably be constructed of metal. There are no layout limitations to restrict you or hold you back; you can get exactly the house you want with metal.

  • Availability

Metal is also a readily available material, and obviously, the same can’t be said for lumber and other building materials. Supply shortages may be temporary, but at least for now, you can rely on the availability of metal much more than competing items.

  • Easy maintenance

Generally speaking, metal homes are not a challenge to maintain. They’re easy to keep clean, aren’t susceptible to rot or other structural problems, and don’t have to be updated over time. So if you want to save money or time on home maintenance, metal may be your best choice.

  • Eco-friendly nature

Next, you should know that metal is generally regarded as environmentally friendly. It can often be generated from recycled goods rather than being harvested entirely from natural resources. Therefore, the metal that makes up your house could also be recycled someday, so it won’t end up as waste.

Have you noticed an uptick in the number of new metal homes and garages? Metal (especially prefabricated metal) residences are becoming more popular among homeowners.

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What You Should Know About Metal Homes

You ought to be aware of a few other things about metal homes before you purchase.

  • You’ll require significant insulation. Metal is a highly conductive material, which means it will be highly susceptible to outdoor temperature changes. That being the case, it will be crucial to include as much insulation in your walls as possible to give you an extra buffer zone that will keep your house warm or cool in appropriate seasons. Metal also tends to transmit noise more readily than other materials. Your extra insulation can mute some of that unwanted sound.
  • It’s possible to set up a conventional look. For example, you might think of metal homes as being unattractive because of the stereotypical sheet-metal appearance – but it’s also possible to design a metal home that has a more conventional look. Given the appropriate customizations, you can make your metal home look just like one that’s constructed of other materials.
  • Your house won’t become a giant lightning rod. Some people are reluctant to purchase a metal home because they fear it will attract lightning. Although it’s true that metal is a conductor, your house is not going to be more likely to suffer a lightning strike than any other residence. In addition, metal homes may provide greater protection against lightning since the metal will immediately redistribute the electrical charge into the soil.
  • Permits can be harder to get. Depending on where you live, constructing a metal home might make it harder for you to obtain permits or formal approval for your structure. Most of the time, this only means you’ll have to jump through a few extra hoops on your journey to owning a metal home.
  • Expansion is harder. With conventional materials, expanding a house is fairly straightforward. When the structure is metal, expansion may be more difficult and expensive. Metal homes aren’t typically designed with future expandability in mind.

Will This Trend Continue?

It’s hard to say whether the popularity of metal houses and garages will continue or subside over time. However, the benefits of metal structures are mostly going to remain the same; metal will always be inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and structurally secure.

What remains to be seen is whether other materials, such as lumber, evolve to challenge the virtues of metal more directly and whether consumer preferences could change due to other factors.

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