Tangga House by Guz Architects

Tangga House by Guz Architects

Architects: Guz Architects
Location: Singapore
Year: 2007
Photos: Patrick Bingham Hall

The house is a contemporary understanding of a customary yard house, laid out around a focal green patio with a twofold stature stair and section range shaping the point of convergence of the undertaking. The L-molded arrangement makes open spaces which energize regular ventilation and offer inhabitant’s perspectives over the yard to the verandah, rooftop gardens and past.


Richly planted rooftop greenery enclosures encompass the house and add such that nature is obvious in all aspects of the house. The extensive rooftop over the yard makes an indoor and outside space prompting the greenery enclosures and swimming pool which wraps around two sides of the house.


The tangga house ideally gives the proprietors the chance to live in concordance and solace with nature, in singapores hot tropical atmosphere.

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