Bright and cozy Wille Parkowa Apartment by Superpozycja Architekci

Bright and cozy Wille Parkowa Apartment by Superpozycja Architekci

Architects: Superpozycja Architekci
Location: Katowice, Poland
Year: 2015
Area: 1,184 ft²/ 110 m²
Photo courtesy: Superpozycja Architekci

A 110-square meter flat in Katowice has been intended for a couple. The proprietors imagined around a splendid and comfortable inside. The picked hues were grays, white and wood joined by some vivid accents. Everything gives the background to the contemporary furniture in strong hues, designed divider covers and brilliant extras.


The materials utilized as a part of the condo are common shades of wood, block and stone.


The living range is the front room and the lounge area. The kitchen is incompletely isolated by a divider to guarantee more space for the kitchen worktop. An extra point of preference of the isolated kitchen is the simpler upkeep.


Because of the various hand crafted furniture in the lobby, front room and room, the flat increased adequate storage room.


Bunches of wood and white surfaces have been assembled in the lavatory. Alongside the shower walled in area there is capacity and resting space.


The main room highlights some furniture altered on the divider behind the bed. It is a piece made of finish and the racks are painted in turquoise. The inside is supplemented by adornments and copper lights.

Bright-and-cozy-Wille-Parkowa-Apartment-by-Superpozycja-Architekci-06 Bright-and-cozy-Wille-Parkowa-Apartment-by-Superpozycja-Architekci-07 Bright-and-cozy-Wille-Parkowa-Apartment-by-Superpozycja-Architekci-08 Bright-and-cozy-Wille-Parkowa-Apartment-by-Superpozycja-Architekci-09 Bright-and-cozy-Wille-Parkowa-Apartment-by-Superpozycja-Architekci-10 Bright-and-cozy-Wille-Parkowa-Apartment-by-Superpozycja-Architekci-11 Bright-and-cozy-Wille-Parkowa-Apartment-by-Superpozycja-Architekci-12 Bright-and-cozy-Wille-Parkowa-Apartment-by-Superpozycja-Architekci-13 Bright-and-cozy-Wille-Parkowa-Apartment-by-Superpozycja-Architekci-14 Bright-and-cozy-Wille-Parkowa-Apartment-by-Superpozycja-Architekci-15 Bright-and-cozy-Wille-Parkowa-Apartment-by-Superpozycja-Architekci-16 Bright-and-cozy-Wille-Parkowa-Apartment-by-Superpozycja-Architekci-17

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