A house project using simple solutions and few materials in Brazil

A house project using simple solutions and few materials in Brazil

Architects: Studio Guilherme Torres
Location: Londrina, Brazil
Year: 2009
Area: 4.413 ft²/ 410 m²
Photo courtesy: MCA Estúdio

“The big wooden box calls everybody’s attention from inside and outside of the condominium in Londrina, Brazil. The house, designed for a young couple, abolished the spaces and traditional partitions.

The Project took in consideration some factors of the lot, since it was located in the highest point of the condominium, and its wide extension of boundary walls, created a lack of privacy situation to the lot.

To come through this situation, the adopted solution was to create a ground level plateau foundation, surrounded by walls that embrace the whole construction and create a perimeter in between the condominium walls.

From this premise, the big concrete box was covered with cumaru wood and created in the most regular part of the site, leaving the area in a trapezoid shape to the garden and pool.

The core concept of breaking paradigms was given right in the entrance: the entrance gate leads the guests to walk by the pool and come inside the house by the double height atrium, where the whole house communicates. In the ground floor the single entrance wall hides the stairs, the living room area works as the link between the inside and outside, through big pivoting doors.

The kitchen was integrated into the environment, with a niche where stove and even barbecue place was installed.

The meal area is perfectly integrated to the kitchen and living room. Even the lavatory was designed to work as a pool changing room. On the upper floor the master suite is separated from the living room atrium by a glass wall, the toilet and closet are integrated to the sleeping area. The hall located by the stairs on the upper floor, works as a small office space and has its windows protected by concrete hollow elements. Simple solutions and few materials but used with generosity confer personality and a timeless touch for this project, showing a simpler way of living.”

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