Tips to Customize Rental Apartments

Living in a rental apartment can bring along a lot of good things: the super or landlord could help you when things go wrong, you can move at any time you want to change the view and you won’t have the tendency to accumulate a lot of unnecessary things.  The biggest disadvantage is not being able to personalize your space. The dark floors, the imposed shade of brown can be a real damper if you want to add some glamour in your living space. The question is: how can you add elements of your personality without changing the living space too much?

Rugs and peel-and-stick wallpaper are just two of these elements you will absolutely adore. We rounded up the clever rental-friendly decorating ideas to help you get started on your path towards a well-styled space.

Use temporary wallpaper

Installing temporary wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to jazz up your space without putting a dent in your security deposit. It’s relatively easy to put up (be sure to watch some online tutorials to prevent air bubbles though), and when it’s time to move out, these papers peel off damage-free. You will surely find a style for your taste, as there are tons of companies making temporary wallpaper in all sorts of designs these days. Choose one statement wall to place the poster and make a design statement.

Choose the rugs that represent you

You’re pretty much stuck with the existing floors—hardwood when you move into an apartment, but if you’re lucky, enough, you may find a great vintage rug. Either way, you’re going to want to break up all that brown or bland wall-to-wall carpeting with a large, colorful rug. Not only rugs are great for soundproofing against potentially noisy neighbors, but they help you bring a touch of softness to your home.

DIY Project – Paint an accent wall

Before taking the decision to paint your entire room, remember all the effort it takes to prime four walls, apply multiple even coats, and cut in just so on ceilings and corners. Painting a simple linear mural on just one wall can save yourself the trouble and cash while still channeling your creativity.

Fake smart shelving

A lot of apartments don’t come with such a luxury of having built-in cabinets, and you can’t exactly hack away at the walls and add them in yourself. The solution? You can easily fake the look with strategic shelving, which you can paint to match the walls or vice versa.

Light Fixtures

If you have the regular recessed or plain flush-mounts, as most apartments do, you might not think about your light fixtures much, but you will notice an immediate difference whether you choose to replace those or supplement them with decorative hanging fixtures.

Use your creativity in every aspect. Customize your rental apartment according to your personality and you will make space feel like home. Personalizing a rental can pose some problems but if you follow our piece of advice you will feel more determined to make changes.

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