“Boring” Beige is Back for Wall Paint

Beige Is Not a Relic Anymore

Beige walls aren’t just a relic of the early 2000s. In fact, you can expect to see the once-dated neutral color everywhere again. “Beige is definitely having a moment, and I’m personally delighted that it’s back,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. “It really took a nosedive in popularity over the last decade when gray and white emerged as the go-to neutrals. But now, homeowners are craving warmth.” This means the ubiquitous stark whites and cool slate colors that have been trending in the interiors world for so long will be making room for velvety tans, camels, and latte shades.

Cozy and Welcoming Colors

“We’re looking for [colors] that feel cozy and welcoming and a little more inviting,” says Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr. Beige, according to Woelfel, is part of a bigger movement of browns and earth tones that are filling this need. “It’s a warmer shift of the whole neutral color family,” she explains. “And that happens when there’s a huge macro trend like gray paint that lasts for 10 years. People do get tired of it and are looking for something new.”

Pair Beige with Olive or Forest Green

To give classic beige a fresh feel, Woelfel suggests pairing it with other popular choices such as olive or forest green, bringing in playful yellow accents. Or go the more sophisticated route and layer in vibrant rust colors, reminiscent of October leaves. The color easily mingles with other timeless hues such as black for a more modern look, or ambers and golds for a more polished and feminine aesthetic.

Anything but Boring

Not convinced? We know, we know. Beige has a reputation as square, safe, and well, blah, and we’d like to clear this misconception up once and for all. “Beige is anything but boring—it is the epitome of chic,” insists Patrick O’Donnell, brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball. And while O’Donnell thinks beige works in any space within a home, he especially recommends using the color in living rooms and bedrooms because of the sense of calm and tranquility it provides. Ready to give beige a try in your space?

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