Boandyne House by SVMSTUDIO

Boandyne House by SVMSTUDIO

Architects: SVMSTUDIO
Location: Toorak, Victoria, Australia
Year: 2014
Area: 5,382 sqft
Photo courtesy: Andy Gibson & Jake Nowakowski

The house is situated toward the end of a circular drive and rising 3 meters (10 feet) from the front (north) to the back (south) of the package, associated with the site by method for two bearings; the arrangement of the neighboring houses toward the west and opposite to the incline grade which misuses the SW/NE slanting of the bundle.


With troublesome disregarding limitations because of the position of the property on the incline we chose to make a private home loaded with light and space and an in number association with the sky by method for three voids composed along the corner to corner of the property.


Whilst the ground floor has an in number association with the earth with perspectives of the greenhouse and differentiating light spilling in from over, the upper level raises the perspective, a heavenly level that edges the sky simply over the skyline line. Through this unobtrusive relationship between the earth and the sky we plan to make a home where the cutoff points of space and the play on light and shade are sufficient enhancement and meet up as one clear expression.

Boandyne-House-03 Boandyne-House-04 Boandyne-House-05 Boandyne-House-06 Boandyne-House-07 Boandyne-House-08 Boandyne-House-09 Boandyne-House-10 Boandyne-House-11 Boandyne-House-12 Boandyne-House-13 Boandyne-House-14 Boandyne-House-15 Boandyne-House-16 Boandyne-House-17 Boandyne-House-18 Boandyne-House-19 Boandyne-House-20 Boandyne-House-21 Boandyne-House-22 Boandyne-House-23 Boandyne-House-24 Boandyne-House-25 Boandyne-House-26

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