Rockledge by Horst Architects & Aria Design

Rockledge by Horst Architects & Aria Design

Architects: Horst Architects & Aria Design
Location: Laguna Beach, California, USA
Photo courtesy: John Ellis & Toby Ponnay

Roosted on the vertical face of a rough, seaside projection, this habitation reacts specifically to the proprietor’s brief for a casual family shoreline house where they could draw in family and companions, while likewise getting a charge out of the perspectives and characteristic surroundings of the site. The mellow waterfront atmosphere additionally made the open door for the consistent coordinate of inside and outside space.


The outline arrangement comprises of a primary home and a segregated visitor house sorted out around a progression of associated patios. Local, dry season tolerant vegetation shapes the connective tissue of the different outside spaces. Sliding, covered pocket entryways and the progression of materials both all around, break down the limit in the middle of inside and outside space. Materiality and formal decisions were educated by a yearning to root the structure into the site. Indoor and open air balancing so as to live is arranged perspectives with security, mutual space with closeness.


Rockledge is a position of reflection where one can think about the sea and sky.

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