House In Ekali by Architect Thanos Athanasopoulos

House In Ekali by Architect Thanos Athanasopoulos

Architects: Architect Thanos Athanasopoulos
Location: Ekali, Athens, Greece
Year: 2010
Photos: H. Louizidis

This single-family house is situated in Ekali, a rural zone of Athens. The property is encompassed by high pine trees that shade the parcel, which let to the choice to make a ceaseless openable glass envelope around the south and east sides of the ground floor.

house-in-ekali-01The sliding glass dividers permit sunshine to go into the profound arrangement while characterizing an expansive open living range, straightforward towards the fenced garden. The plan shapes the principle open range on the south-east corner of the site, where the pool is put connected to the building.


Rooms are situated on the upper floor, and towards south they drift over the living range as self-ruling private units. They are painstakingly set to make a liberal semi-open space and in addition twofold tallness regions at ground level. The fundamental building volume is secured by a pitched twofold bended rooftop which is clad with traditional fired rooftop tiles.


The rooftop tile cladding falls down the surface of the north divider, making a rainscreen that adds to the natural execution of the house and adroitly to the visual impression of a less defensive cover.


This component, which gives intelligibility to the entire plan reinterpreting the conventional clay tile rooftop, is a piece of an endeavor to shape a fitting building character –material and spatial-in a rural connection where customary symbolism and contemporary wishes are intertwined and confounded.


Our procedure additionally included the determination of totally ordinary materials and development routines: white mortar, marble, stone polish, wood. A run of the mill palette of unknown greek the suburbs is in this way connected, in ways that are not traditional.




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