House of Three Rooms by Marc McCollom Architect

House of Three Rooms by Marc McCollom Architect

Architects: Marc McCollom Architect
Location: Dallas, Texas, USA
Year: 2011
Photos: Charles Davis Smith

The First Room starts in the front yard, where a tall evergreen fence isolates the Entry Garden from the road. It proceeds inside through an expansive coated opening, joining with the Dining Room and the Kitchen.


The Second Room, a liberal rectangle, is the focal point of the house legitimate. The Kitchen and Dining Room are toward one side with the Living Room at the other. Stacked in the inside are the Skylight, the Stairs, and the Rock Garden.


The Third Room starts with the Living Room, whose neighboring Library steps toward the road before pivoting and opening onto the Private Garden. There, a stone patio and a wood deck ignore the swimming pool; out yonder, a little yard, walled by vines and shaded by a line of trees.

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