Renovation of an old bungalow into contemporary Hillside Residence by Alterstudio Architecture

Renovation of an old bungalow into contemporary Hillside Residence by Alterstudio Architecture

Architects: Alterstudio Architecture
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Year: 2012
Area: 2,100 ft²/ 195 m²
Photo courtesy: Casey Dunn

The Hillside Residence is a considerable redesign and development of a 1927 home in the Travis Heights neighborhood of Austin, Texas. The current, 1,000-square foot building was protected from flimsiness; it was outlined dynamically in stark white and combined with another, 1,100-square foot sculptural volume clad in dark recolored cypress and associated by means of a glass section span. Likened to Marcel Breuer’s 1943 suggestion for a Bi-Nuclear House, the house is part into two zones—one for living and mingling, and the other for focus, work and resting. By temperance of entering in the center, both sides give off an impression of being in dialog with one another. Inside, the two zones are characterized in unmistakably distinctive material and spatial characters; the mix is both benevolent and provocative.


Not at all like the conventional association of the home, the extension opens people in general spaces to the terrace and, by complexity, is portrayed by openness, dynamic spatial progression, and deliberation. Precisely arranged windows and sky facing windows further open the house to the sky and sun, and give a proceeded with feeling of breadth to this unassuming home. Situated for sun oriented introduction and cross ventilation, the Hillside habitation additionally is furnished for a water accumulation framework, a sun oriented photograph voltaic exhibit, sunlight based pool warming tubes, cell froth protection, tankless water radiators, and so forth. Besides, the customers’ yearning for an economical way of life is additionally reflected in their choice to live halfway and work from home.


The redesign regards the current building’s demeanor and keeps up its gathering of discrete rooms; in the meantime, the remodel profoundly modifies the rooms’ character through a change in association. That is, a progression of private rooms now assume the position of what was open, and the entryway patio is evacuated, leaving the current cottage’s massing in place however intriguingly new as it shows up with no undeniable approach to enter from the road. This private core is gotten to through another passage that prompts an out of the blue tall focal space, off of which are displayed the private rooms of the house.


An at last current sensibility in the expansion gives an equalization to the feeling of contained space in the first house. As one goes between the old and new development, the juncture of two unmistakable design characters offers ascend to addresses about the courses in which engineering both difficulties and fortifies the way of life of which it is a section. In actuality, the troupe is a counter-proposition to the immodesties of urban advancement: quick move toward riches and inclination for private building measurements to expand passable floor range proportions. Here, conversely, another character replaces a ‘verifiably underutilized’ constructing stock. The current demeanor of the road is kept up, though with another personality.

Renovation-of-an-old-bungalow-into-contemporary-Hillside-Residence-by-Alterstudio-Architecture-04 Renovation-of-an-old-bungalow-into-contemporary-Hillside-Residence-by-Alterstudio-Architecture-05 Renovation-of-an-old-bungalow-into-contemporary-Hillside-Residence-by-Alterstudio-Architecture-06 Renovation-of-an-old-bungalow-into-contemporary-Hillside-Residence-by-Alterstudio-Architecture-07 Renovation-of-an-old-bungalow-into-contemporary-Hillside-Residence-by-Alterstudio-Architecture-08 Renovation-of-an-old-bungalow-into-contemporary-Hillside-Residence-by-Alterstudio-Architecture-09 Renovation-of-an-old-bungalow-into-contemporary-Hillside-Residence-by-Alterstudio-Architecture-10 Renovation-of-an-old-bungalow-into-contemporary-Hillside-Residence-by-Alterstudio-Architecture-11 Renovation-of-an-old-bungalow-into-contemporary-Hillside-Residence-by-Alterstudio-Architecture-12 Renovation-of-an-old-bungalow-into-contemporary-Hillside-Residence-by-Alterstudio-Architecture-13 Renovation-of-an-old-bungalow-into-contemporary-Hillside-Residence-by-Alterstudio-Architecture-14 Renovation-of-an-old-bungalow-into-contemporary-Hillside-Residence-by-Alterstudio-Architecture-15 Renovation-of-an-old-bungalow-into-contemporary-Hillside-Residence-by-Alterstudio-Architecture-16 Renovation-of-an-old-bungalow-into-contemporary-Hillside-Residence-by-Alterstudio-Architecture-17

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